8 Top Tips for Growing Your Social Media

We can all use some tips when it comes to growing our social media. Especially with the constant changes, I'm looking at you Instagram Stories, it's a good idea to stay on top of the trends. I've put together a list of some of my favorite social media tips, all in one place.


1. Instant Instagram Ideas

Consistency is key on Instagram. But figuring out what to post can be daunting. Here are 14 photo ideas for what to post to Instagram. This might just inspire you to take a new view and take some awesome photos.

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2. The Best Time to Post

One of the best things you can do to grow your social media is to figure out the key times to post. This is when more people will be online and able to see what you have to share. More eyes means more engagement and ultimately means more followers. Here are some posts that can help:

The Best Time To Post to Twitter

The Best Time to Post to Instagram

Overall guide on the best time to post to Social Media

3. Get Friendly with Facebook

While many might think that Facebook is outdated technology, the fact is there are still millions on the platform and it continues to be one of the most popular social media apps of all time. Also, you never know if you could be missing a target market! So, here's why you NEED a Facebook page for your blog.

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4. Use Pinterest to Your Advantage

Pinterest remains to be one of the largest traffic sources for many bloggers. It's more often becoming a search engine, like Google. People search to find recipes, guides, travel advice, and more. So, make sure you're utilizing Pinterest for your blog. It can totally be a game changer.

5. Scheduling is Your Friend

There isn't a blog post that goes by when I don't do some social media scheduling. It makes so much more sense when you can schedule and go, not having to think about anything else but the tasks at hand. Here is my ultimate guide to scheduling blog posts and social media.

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6. Hashtag it out

Hashtags are probably the BEST way to get organic engagement. It can double, even triple your likes on Instagram alone. It's also a great tool to be found on Twitter and now, even Bloglovin is utilizing hashtags. Here are some posts that can help:

How to Create a Hashtag That Makes an Impact

15 of the Best Travel Hashtags for Instagram

Instagram Hashtags That Will Triple Likes

My Favorite Hashtags to Organically Grow Your Blog

10 Holiday Hashtags

7. The Follower Question

How many followers do you REALLY need to make money? I believe that everyone can profit, as long as they have an engaged audience. And large doesn't always translate into engaged. Lot's of people also wonder if it's bad to lose followers. I answer that question here.

8. Snapchat Game Strong

Even with the introduction of Instagram Stories, Snapchat is still hugely important. Sharing live videos is becoming the new trend. People want to see your real life, in real time. Here are some posts to up your Snapchat game:

11 Ideas for Snapchat

How to Use Snapchat to Promote Your Blog + Snapchat hacks

The Unwritten Rules of Snapchat

Why Bloggers Need Snapchat


So there you have it! Some of my top tips for helping your grow and maintain your social media. What are some of your top tips for social media? I'd love to see what your strategies are.

Ready to TRIPLE your social media followers and engagement? This FREE guide will help!

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Ready to TRIPLE your social media followers and engagement? This FREE guide will help!

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Very helpful! Thanks for sharing. Lately I have been doing influencer marketing and it did boost my followers on Instagram. I made collaborations with them using Phlanx platform. It’s very useful!

Very Nice blog. I like the way you eplained these things. I’ve been looking for ways to improve my website and overall rankings.I hope your future article will help me further

[…] Helene inbetween has some detailed and very helpful ideas for building social media sites. […]

amazing post! I’ve saved this for future use. I cannot agree more about scheduling – I don’t understand how people write and publish posts on the same evening?! It seems far too rushed and stressful for me.

Jodie @ Jodetopia x

Scheduling DEFINITELY is our friend. I get 100% more productive and get work done when things are scheduled.
I found your post on Pinterest, by the way. (Woohoo! ?)
I keep reading all these social media posts, with tips that I love, and keep hoping they’ll miraculously apply themselves to my blog/biz. lol I seriously need to start developing/practicing some social media game changer strategies asap.

Yay! so glad you found me and hope this was helpful! it is hard to know what works and what doesn’t!

Great articles and tips! Especially №7. Thank you!

Thank you for sharing this round-up of fantastic tips and resourceful posts, Helene!

Useful tips, I need to work on my Instagram! I’m too much of a wimp for Facebook for my blog yet.

Jaynie Shannon * | Beauty and Lifestyle


Such great tips! I’ve been getting into Instagram a little more lately (not the stories, though Taylor’s are great), and have found that hashtags are the gifts that keep on giving, No matter how random they are, people search for the craziest things! I also need to schedule my scheduling time a little better- I get exhausted thinking up tweets and shares for a week at a time 🙂 –Dorrie @ Rt 1 US 1

Great tips for blog ..

These were all super helpful – thanks Helene!

Thanks so much for the tips- these are great!


Hashtags are everything. I’m still blown away to this day when I see a blogger or instagram figure not using them. Oh, and we haven’t talked that much about instagram stories… but I’m just not into them. I haven’t watched anyones and I haven’t done any myself, is that bad?

I’m not into Instagram Stories, too. Snapchat all the way!

Paige Cassandra Flamm

This is a great roundup post! I think I’m going to have lots of reading to do tonight!


To the Facebook point…I rarely post on good ol’ FB, but when I posted something on Monday I got SO MUCH engagement it was crazy. Definitely still alive and well!

Great roundup of ideas post to help give me some blogging mojo again!

Great tips, as usual! You’ve convinced me to unhide my blog’s Facebook page. 🙂

Thanks for the tips!


Awesome tips! I have been wanting know about Snapchat for my business and these links are great! Thanks ?

You have great tips as always!! Thank you!

Your social media advice is so useful! I used to be so good about social media for my blog and the past few months I’ve been distracted with work and I’ve let my social media go a bit. Your post is the encouragement I needed to get back in the social media game!

This is great! I’ve been blogging for a while, but I’m getting to the point where I really want to work on growing my audience and reaching more people. Love your articles — they’re so helpful!

You’re the best. And you’re totally right-Pinterest is becoming google. I definitely search there for a lot of things before I use a search engine.

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