Hi guys, Chris Harrison here.

Just kidding, it's your resident Instagram expert, Helene. And every time I hear news about Instagram it makes me think of the Bachelor and… “the most dramatic season ever.” The changes and updates on Instagram are pretty crazy. Most of them, I assure you, are a good thing. It means Instagram is going to be here for the long haul. It also means you might need some support along the way.


Why is it the most dramatic (and best) season for Instagram?

Stories, Stories, Stories

Instagram has launched some major changes to Instagram Stories (namely,  features such as “Type” and “Highlights”) and I think this is just the tipping point. Instagram is directing our attention to just how important it is for us to be utilizing Stories. In fact, I predict that Instagram will focus more on stories than anything else in the near future.

Recommended posts

You might have noticed but, now, as you scroll through your feed you can get recommended posts. Instagram is working really hard to show you posts based on what they think you're interested in. This is another way to be found on Instagram, and I think this is a great opportunity to get more followers and engagement.

Follow hashtags

Thought hashtags were a lost art? Wrong! Hashtags are important. Yes, they help you get found by other accounts, but more importantly now people can follow hashtags. Instagram is giving us an innovative way to utilize hashtags and discover new content.

Regram button

Instagram is soon to introduce a “regram” button. That means they will be creating a way for you to share content from others you follow. This is also good news for you to get featured on other big accounts. I am always happy when another account shares my photo and credits me. This brings attention to my account from a whole new audience! It's a win-win.

The best part: Instagram is making changes so you need to be there for the right reasons (sneaky Bachelor pun). And that means people who are buying bots, followers, likes, etc. are not getting a rose. So we can all collectively cheer!

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