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About Me

I'm Helene!
Inspiring you to live a little

It all started with a fall.
No, really.
I'm Helene and I started this blog after I fell rock climbing. It was just for fun. And then, it became sort of my life. It allowed me to make this my job, to move abroad, to travel, to write, and even work with my husband.
I never thought I'd be here. Well, not just here, but where I am today. In 2016 I moved from Dallas to Germany. In 2019 I moved back to Dallas to write and explore more of America and the world.
I never thought I'd be a full time blogger. Or that I'd hire my husband to work with me, full-time on the blog.
But here we are! Michael and I work together to write, share,
So what is this blog about, anyway? I share with you my travel experiences, tips and tricks for getting the most out of your trips, strategies for creating a successful blog, how to manage real life, and social media (with an emphasis on Instagram). I DO NOT believe in niches but I believe in great content and sharing your gift with the world.

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What's this blog about? Finding your next destination, growing your blog, or learning how to use social media to create a community.

A little about Michael

Michael is a man's man and doesn't have a mustache to be ironic. He just likes it. His focus for the blog is photography, brand outreach, editing, and social media. He is the behind-the-scenes guy, and prefers it that wy but he has helped grow this blog tremendously. I started Helene in Between in 2012. Starting in 2017, after we moved abroad we started working together. Having his keen business sense has helped double our pageviews, our readership, and made this blog more of a place to find the resources you need!