Facebook drives me up a creek. In my opinion it's been overrun by pictures of children without Facebook, emo-cryptic status updates (for which I really don't care), and last but not least, ads. But with all the annoying stuff, you still need Facebook for your blog.

There are many reasons, but let me give you one example.
No matter what you think, it's the most popular social media platform out there.
Let's say someone is reading your blog. They are really digging it. Your way with words has them swooning. They must follow you. But guess what? They aren't a blogger. They don't know what GFC is. Or Bloglovin. And they don't have Twitter (heck, I didn't before I started this blog).
So how can they follow you?
Sure, they could subscribe via email. But they're already run down with enough emails from daily deal sites they can barely get through the 157 + spam emails they get a day.
They need to follow you on Facebook.

My Facebook Page

Here's the problem. Facebook has changed their algorithm and not everyone is going to see your post. Sure, you have 500 likes on your Facebook page, but maybe only 65 people will see when you post. If you're lucky, a few people will “like” your post and then maybe “100” people will see it.
But regardless of those numbers, at least that's someone seeing your post. And the more people that like the post, the more will see it.
In order to help improve your numbers make sure you're doing some of these things:
1. Get your readers excited. Interact with them. Ask questions. Answer those questions back.
2. Include a picture with the post. This is so important to make sure it stands out. If you don't like the picture that Facebook uses, upload a photo.
3. Don't post the exact same thing you posted on twitter. People are less likely to “like” something they've already seen.
4. Use Facebook Insights (like Google Analytics, on the top right page) to see how different posts are performing.
For example:

The orange tells you the reach, while the blue shows how many clicks, and the red (hard to see) shows how many likes. 30 people liked my post on 11/13/2013 so that means 438 clicked it and it reached 2,300 people! The post on 11/14/2013 had 5 likes so it was only seen by 283 people and 36 clicks total.
The more likes, the more it's seen!
5. Make sure your Facebook “profile” page is completed (and includes a link to your blog!)

If you like a blog, and you don't see their posts, make sure to check the box “show in newsfeed” on that blog's Facebook fan page. This will help you see your favorite bloggers posts.

If you want you can test this out with my blog's page…just sayin'.

Bottom line, there are over a billion users on Facebook. Don't you think you should offer that option?



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