I can be a little obsessive. I like to check my blog stats often. How many comments did I get on this post? How many page views? Any new followers? Same goes for social media. When I post a status I get a little anxious that no one will like it. Or my Instagram picture. Or favorite my tweet. It's sad really, who cares?! This girl. Which is why social media sucks. 

But my obsessive nature isn't the I my reason…

1. Snapchat -I feel like this literally eats my iPhone's battery life. Plus most of the pictures that I'm sent are of people in the dark or just random things that I don't care about (sorry to my little sister who sends me selfies every other hour… great you're in college and I'm not anymore.) 

2. Instagram– Think you get a lot of likes on Instagram? Check out the popular page. It's full of teen cheerleaders who have 90,000+ followers, which is a little creepy, and fashionable people which of course I am not. Also, you have to watch it with the hashtags. As Alexandra pointed out on my Instagram on Friday, my hashtag: #instaaftermidnight brought up some pretty interesting other pictures that I can now never erase from my brain.

Lesson learned again: Stay Off Instagram after Midnight 

3. Twitter– People just type random crap all day long. Some people make me feel like they don't work at all, they just tweet. And frankly, that sounds glorious. How do some people come up with such cleverness if 144 characters?! 

4. Facebook– I love you Mom, but Facebook has been run over by parents. I'm just over it.

5. Pinterest – I whole heartedly believe that Pinterest ruins lives. It gives a perception that you too can take some sticks and suddenly have the most fabulous Christmas decorations. Everything is too perfect and I fail at every project and 

6. Google + – what are you even? Stop trying to make Google + happen, it's just not going to happen!!

Even though I was at the lake this weekend, I couldn't turn it off. Had to Instagram a couple pictures. 

But I did manage to stay off social media most of the time this weekend. The weather was perfect and we started the fire all by ourselves. Three girls, one fire= pretty awesome. 

I could get used to no social media. But then what would I do with all my spare time?! Maybe I would just start fires and ride four wheelers all day. You never know. 

I say that it sucks… but I love it and I'm addicted. 

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