The Best Time To Post on Instagram

Do a quick Google search of the “Best Time to Post on Instagram.” You'll get 1,000s of results and not many answers. Research used to show that you could post virtually anytime to get a higher amount of likes and interaction. Wrong. But there is a best time to post to Instagram and it usually has to do with where you live and WHO your followers are.

But there's more to it than that. And this post is going to break it down.

Why should we post to Instagram at the optimal time?

When we post at the right time, more people will see your post. Basically, one of the ways to master the Instagram Algorithm is to post when more of your followers are actually online. When you do this, they will actually see your posts, interact with them, and then Instagram will continue sharing your posts to a wider audience. Meaning, post at the right time and gain more likes and interaction.

Have I piqued your interest yet?!

I'm going to use myself as an example. If I post something at 1 A.M. on a Friday night, there's a good chance it's not going to be seen as much as a post at 6 P.M. the same day, no matter the picture. My followers are probably asleep or out having fun and not looking at Instagram.

the best time to post to instagram


The best times to post on Instagram:

First, these times are central time zone. They might differ slightly for you. Remember, this is UNIVERSALLY speaking.

Right now, (and this post was updated May 2018) the best time to post to Instagram is from 8am – 9am on Mondays. Times to avoid are between 3 pm – 4pm during the week.


9 am
People are awake, maybe drinking their morning coffee. They aren't commuting to work or answering their first emails of the day.

I know this is a wide range but think of this around lunch time. People take a break to eat, and check social media.

Again, they are home from work, able to scroll through their phones.

The best day to post is Monday according to Huffington post. This is a day that has the best instagram engagement- meaning more likes and comments all around.

Another active day? Thursday, thanks to #tbt.


Saturday at 7pm. This is when people are out and about and might check their phone. Another time is 11pm. It seems late, but you'll also have less competition of others posting photos.

Sunday at 5pm. This might because lazy Sunday is finally settling in, you're no longer day drinking, but thinking about tomorrow's activities and checking your feed.

Why isn't this 100% accurate? Because everyone has different followers, in different times zones, with different jobs, etc.
To be honest, you don't have to follow this at all. I don't! I think it's fun to post images more organically, but it's always nice to know.

While all of this sounds great, it's not the end all, be all when it comes time to posting to Instagram. The great news is that Instagram has awesome analytics which will showcase when your followers are more active. For example, since I live abroad, posting at 8am simply doesn't work for me because my followers are USA based and that's actually 3 am in the morning for them. Instead, I typically post around the WRONG time which is 3-4pm!

I can easily look at my analytics and see my followers are based mostly in the US and plan accordingly.

Another app to use, espeically if you aren't an Instagram business account is Iconosqure. This will also help you ,ap out when to post on Instagram:

The bigger the circle, the better time to post.

Remember, in order to receive more engagement, we want to find the best time for YOU to post. To beat the algorithm we want to post so more people interact and how quickly they interact. Which is why posting time is so important.

Top Tips for Getting More Engagement On Instagram

I suggest taking a look at your followers and seeing what their local time zone is. Knowing this information can help you to more greatly connect and find what works for you.

Weekdays have greater weight, so save your best posts for during the week. That's not to say don't post at all on the weekend, just typically more people are engaged during the week.

Use the tools Instagram gives you. I suggest promoting your posts on Instagram stories to encourage engagement. I also think using Instagram Stories is the best way to continue to grow your account and engagement. Here's my complete guide to Instagram Stories or check out 30 Instagram Story ideas.

Make sure you aren't getting shadowbanned and using hashtags that help you grow. Here are some of my favorite hashtags.

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Learn to create an engaged Instagram with this free ebook!

Cover 5 ways to build an engaged instagram following
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Learn to create an engaged Instagram with this free ebook!

Cover 5 ways to build an engaged instagram following
Powered by ConvertKit

Very helpful article and good reminders of best practices. I was just double checking to make sure I am doing things the right way. I think.

Nice article, i will try to do

This is so funny! I never thought to time my Instagram posts. I just hit Publish when the mood strikes!

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I always wondered what was the good time for the post, my suspicion was right.

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I’ll try it out 😉

I am new to Instagram and your post is of great help to me. A big thank you Hibsula for sharing the informative post. I will follow this in my instagram bussiness

Do you know some of the tools for the analysis of the activity of my followers on instagram? It would be really helpful for me. I have seen similar features in Facebook.

Very nice Article . But for my Business related if i talk about UK Audience then traffic start on my website Wednesday to Sunday . But Monday to Tuesday people busy to sort of their work .
Students or worker they only see their mobile during travel home to school/office. then Lunch time 12:00 Pm to 2:00 PM . Then traffic Increase 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm back office to home. And in Last Bed Time 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM …..

KoRussia L Slaughter

I cannot speak for everyone and I am not, but for me your post was pretty spot on. You want to go for times that you know for sure people’s attention is on social media. Right after a work commute and breaks are perfect times. Also, after work is a good time too. Keep posting and thanks for sharing your insight!

Really helpful post! I’m new to blogging so i’m trying to build up my viewers, great tips love it!

Instagram beginner here! I could use these tips, thanks!

This is super helpful, I wonder if it's still relevant now in 2016? Sounds about right & when I normally get a spike in traffic 😉 adaatude.com

I think you're right about the Sunday afternoons. Once I posted around that time and got a ton of likes immediately. I believe this all to be trial and error though. It's different for everyone.


I love your post. I just realized I keep going on to pinterest seeing your amazing graphics and clicking to read the article. what I am getting at is that your pictures are so appealing that I click on it to read your post. Also I have been reading you blog for awhile anyways but I stumble upon different post I haven't read.

yeah it can be pretty insane how much instagrammers make. i have a friend who's made more than 4k and only had to post one photo. she's actually not in fashion / beauty, so I would say it doesn't only apply there, but it is where most of the money is at. 🙂 i definitely don't have the numbers to pull it off myself, but one day!

I definitely agree with early evening on Sunday! That's when I seem to get the most response on Instagram and Facebook! Everyone's dreading work the next day, so they procrastinate with social media…and by they, I mean me.

I definitely agree that there are good/bad times for Instagram posting. People are ALWAYS on Instagram, but there are specific times that people actually "like" or comment on photos. I know for me, for example, I'll scroll during the day (sometimes waiting in line or whatever it is that i'm doing) but I'll only really take the time to "like" something later on at night when I'm not with my kids or not busy doing something else.

I agree with the 7pm on Saturday one. I posted something last weekend earlier in the evening and got half as many likes as the one I posted about 7pm yesterday. Although the one yesterday was of delicious looking s'more fixings so that might have helped too haha! Can't wait to do the next instagram challenge.

Yeah, agreed with Miss Shane… I just post whenever because 12 hour time difference, ha!

Darn Aussie 15 hour time difference has me 50 shades of screwed up :/

Oh the instagram struggles lol. I find if I post around 10:00 PM I get the most interaction. Mine is tough though because I have a lot of expats and travels following my account. Too many timezones haha
Melanie @ meandmr.com

I never gave it much thought, I post when I feel like it. But it's good info to keep in the back of my mind!

This is interesting! I never have put much thought into when I was posting. I'd imagine it would make a difference being a bit more conscious about it! The nerd in me wants to know what font you used for the word "Instagram" in your image haha. Help a sista out would ya?!

I tend to check my social media during lunch (if I don't have a lunch date) & before I go to bed during the week. Weekends, I sometimes don't really check until about Sunday night. All depends on the activities of the days before.

Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

This is so funny! I never thought to time my instagram posts. I just hit Publish when the mood strikes!

I'm more likely to be on IG than any other form of media. I am typically on between 7 – 8 a.m., 12 – 2, and 6 – 9, so that's usually when I post!

Great info Helene, thanks! Would you mind sharing the font name for the word "Instagram" above? I really like it!

I also think it's scientific that people will like selfies more than any other pic, its like they feel obliged to like a picture of someones face. If they don't, then they are rude! I'm sticking to my scientific finding, even if I have no evidentiary backup 😉 Also, people like couple photos! I've also pondered this thought, I noticed I get more likes if I post in the AM on days, rather than at lunch time. I thinks its crazy that I even ponder these things, what did we do be for IG? xoxo, ganeeban

This is super helpful girl! I find the best time to post for me is at night like after 7pm. That is when I think people are off work and have a second to sit down and check their phones. I don't get as much engagement on Friday nights because everyone is off doing their thing and having fun. Yes to finding money for lifestyle bloggers!!!

I always look out for time suggestions! Indeed time zones can be an issue…I was in the US for the past 9 months and I had a good chunk of followers from Greece as well…that means 7hours time difference!! But a fellow blogger told me that she enjoyed seeing my Boston photos in early evening when everyone else was posting sunsets!!!

This is really helpful… this might sound nuts but I kind of want to know when the worst times to post are as well (you know, if you need to *cough* bury *cough* something)

WOW. That article about how much fashion bloggers make on Instsgram posts. That is insane! I'm really still a noob when it comes to Instagram, so this is good info!

I have googled this subject, a lot. And it doesn't seem to make a difference. I get the most engagement (on average) when I post around 11pm on weekdays. But lately, I feel like my engagement has dropped a ton. No one is liking my pics, follower # is dropping, etc. it's frustrating!

It's pretty funny to me that I'll post a meaningful picture and get like 49 likes and then post a freaking random meaningless picture of my chipotle and get 99 likes, ha! It's SO random!

Where is the liketoknow.it for home goods? Maybe I want to know where those killer moscow mule glasses are from, or better yet, the vodka that is used in them.

very interesting info! if i am having a lazy weekend, i'm on instagram all the time (looking, not posting). if i'm busy though, chances are i won't check it at all until monday, so i know i miss a lot on the weekend. i'm normally on instagram the most in the evening though, so this is super interesting! and can't wait for your next instagram challenge 😉

I almost wish there were instagram analytics (maybe there are + I just don't know about them) because I would LOVE to see the background behind what makes people like things. I mean, booze is always a high yield, but sometimes I wonder why something I think is awesome isn't getting the likes. are people not seeing it? or is it boring to everyone?

You can try Iconosquare 😉

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