Move over Instagram and your dumb algorithm, Snapchat is taking the spotlight. Yes, y'all, Snapchat is now mainstream and people are jumping on board with it like they've never seen social media before. (That means Mom could be on Snapchat soon… NO MOM NO.) Don't believe me? Snapchat users are now watching 7 billion video clips a day!

The Unwritten Rules of Snapchat

So with Snapchat becoming the “it” thing, it's time I laid out some ground rules. I did the same for Instagram, and look how well that social media platform took off. You're welcome Instagram, we know that was all me.Â

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1. Do not send the same story DIRECTLY to me that you are also posting on your Story
I cannot tell you how much this grinds my gears. Basically, this could really be the only rule. If you're posting this to your story why the HELL do you need to send it to me? I always check my direct snaps because I'm thinking someone might be answering me or asking a question. Just don't do it. I beg of you.

2. Super shaky video
I literally cannot see what's going on and now I feel dizzy. No.

3. Dick Pics
Sorry Mom, but it had to be said. No one wants to see that. #blocked

4. #NoMomsOnSnap
If you're over the age of 60, you don't need Snapchat. I say this as I'm nearing my 30's with every passing second and I should probably get over myself. But I still like to think of myself as 24. The greatest age.

5. Very, long, boring snaps
Don't do it. We get it, maybe you're really enjoying doing what you're doing but maybe you can show us in 3 snaps, rather than 50.Â

6. Don't send stuff you'll regret later
I was having a conversation with my little sister the other day and she goes, well, Snapchat isn't the Internet. First of all, yes, yes it is. Second, just because snapchats magically get deleted doesn't mean they don't live SOMEWHERE. Don't be dumb.Â

7. Super short snaps
If you're going to send a snap and it has a lot of text in it, don't make it one second long! How can I read it? I can't. Change it to 10 seconds, ya feel me? You can also shorten your snaps toÂ

8. Snap while driving
Just, no.

9. Don't be a ghost
While Snapchat's icon is a ghost, don't go ghosting. That means, actually use the app! Show what you're doing. The great thing? It doesn't have to be perfect.  

10. Nothing good happens after 12 am. 
Watch what you snap, y'all.

BONUS: There's a bonus rule and you can only find it on my Snapchat! Follow me, @helenesula. 

Of course, I'm all for breaking the rules. What do you think are some Snapchat rules? Are you on Snapchat?! Leave your handle below!

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