>  Convert: How to Turn Readers Into Fans

Learn how to create high performing blog posts that convert followers into fans.

This isn't your typical sales page, because this isn't your typical eBook.

Here's the thing, there is a LOT of information out there on blogging. SEO, starting an email list, social media growth, pageviews. And because my background is in social media and marketing, and because I've helped both companies, individuals, and grown my own blog, I thought that was the path I'd take.

Until I realized that the best way to grow a blog was to create something memorable.

Maybe this sounds cliche, but I want to leave my mark. I don't want to just cross my fingers and hope someone lands on me after doing a Google search. I want people to follow me and my story.

When I lived in Europe, we planned on seeing absolutely everything we possibly could. Of course, we would research by looking on Google, Pinterest, and Instagram. But there was always one source we checked no matter what: Rick Steves. He didn't have to come up in our search, we looked him up by name. That is the secret to a lasting blog.

Algorithms change, often. You can't always be sure of what will happen with social media or Google.

But creating followers that care about you? That's the key ingredient.

I love being found on Google (and this book does discuss that!) , but I love even more when people tag me in their trip photos with “#helenemademedoit” or let me know that they check my blog before anything else.

Because, when you turn readers into followers, you will be able to strategically monetize and grow.

So I created an eBook all about how to do that.

In the eBook, you'll learn how to turn readers into fans and save time by writing effective posts that get readers to not just read, but stick around.

Learn how to CONVERT people. Find out how to grow traffic with plug and play blog post templates, and see how I have made over $50,000 from one blog post.
You'll also find how I not only grew her pageviews but used my blog to gain social media followers, grow my email list, and make money from my blog.
Along with a detailed guide, you'll get email templates that will help ensure you're getting quality traffic and create effective content.

That's right, this is so much more than an eBook.

In addition, you'll find 5 different blog post templates that will help you CONVERT readers into followers and learn what counts when it comes to writing effective content.

Here's what you'll learn:

Creating a Meaningful Blog

You'll see how O went from 0 to over 300,000 pageviews every month on my blog. And how I created a brand that people follow to hear my story. Because of this, I don't have to stick to niche or blog only about one subject. But I have the freedom to share my life and my interests on my blog and social media by creating a meaningful blog.

A Proven Formula for Success: Blog Templates

I'm taking the guess work out of what works for bloggers. I've created tried and tested templates that will help you grow your pageviews. But it doesn't stop there. You'll also learn how to capture new followers and get readers excited to come back for more. Using these templates, you have a repeatable formula for success and a guideline for what works when it comes to creating blog posts.

You don’t need 100,000 followers or page views. You don’t need to be an SEO or Pinterest Guru. And you don’t need to spend tons of money to create a presence online.

You need to create a following that cares.

It sounds simple, but we know there’s so much more to it. To create an engaged audience that attracts the right kind of audience that wants to not only follow you, but be part of your journey, you need a strategy.

I believe that a blog doesn't have to feel like work, or overwhelming. It can feel like a place you can turn to for inspiration and feel a sense of passion and purpose.

This guide will show you, step-by-step, how to make an impact online.

Who is this for?

This eBook is perfect for people that want a real strategy based in research and a streamlined approach to making an impact online.

  • New bloggers that want their voice to be heard
  • Intermediate bloggers that are ready to take their blogs to the next level
  • Social Media influencers that are ready to create fans
  • Marketers that want to grow their brand

If you're interested in blogging or want to know how to make an impact, this book is for you.

Start creating the right kind of content today. Start CONVERTing your readers into fans.

Here's what's inside:

50+ pages of content on what works to grow a blog.

Step-by-step instructions and visuals.

7 plug-n-play blog post templates.

Lifetime access

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