As 2012 comes to a close we all start to think about what we want to improve on.
We have the standard:

Lose weight.
Make more money.
Read more/ get some more edumacation.
Those are all wonderful. But this year mine is going to be a little different. 
THIS has got to chill:

Social Media Mayhem.

I think as an average human I am PRETTY good about social media. But lately it's gotten a little out of hand. 
Ever free moment I get I check the Tweeter.
The Instagrammy.
The FB.
Not sure why I decided to nick name social media, but I did and I'm sticking to it.

I can't even sit on the toilet without refreshing my facebook to see that yes, Facebook friend that I fairly remember got an engagement ring for Christmas.
Or that someone took a picture of a roadside sign on Instagram.
Or that someone on Twitter is happy that they bought some Starbucks.
Or that I need to pin that recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies ever, I may never find it again.

It's Social Media Mayhem.

And let us not forget that over using social media can be dangerous. 
You ignore loved ones.
You miss out on real moments. 
You run into things. 
Because you had your eye on your little phone. 

So I'm going to spend more time doing having fun and not worrying about the virtual world and spend more time with the people I'm with.
And I mean it. I'm not givin' up this year.
(I'm also going to try to lose weight. But I don't really want to because food is awesome. And because EVERYONE is doing this one.)