Snapchat is quickly becoming the favorite tool whether you're a blogger or not. It's an unfiltered way to catch glimpses of real life. You can connect with friends, follow celebrities, and bloggers to get a real life view of their life.

I think it's also interesting to see how different life might look like from Instagram to Snapchat. When Snapchat first started it was a way for teenagers to send secret messages that could easily disappear. Now, it's become a strategic way for bloggers, brands, and users to show off a different side.

Here's how bloggers can use Snapchat to promote their blog:

1. Show off your life
Snapchat is a great way to show off what you have going on from day to day life. Whether it's behind the scenes, a new project, or your life it's a great way to give a realistic point of view of what's really going on.

2. Share Your Blog Posts
When you post a new blog post, upload a Snap or video that announces a new post on your blog. It's an easy way to get more attention on your post, instantly.

3. Show Exclusives
A great way to gain engagement on any platform is to show exclusive content. You can easily do that with Snapchat since you can share and go. Share a video or an image to your story that they could only find on Snapchat.

4. Share Your Personality
As I've said before, it's good to be weird online. You can really show off your personality, your hobbies, your quirks, or something you love doing like cooking or anything else.

5. Host a Contest
Since snapchat stories last for 24 hours (only!) you can host a contest or offer a coupon code that only lasts that amount of time. You can use your other social media networks to let others know that they'll find the code on Snapchat.

6. Answer Questions
Sometimes you can't possibly answer every question you get asked, Snapchat is a great way to answer questions in a short, 10 second video.

7. Chat with others
Snapchat allows you to “chat” or comment on other's photos or videos. Use that feature to reach out and connect with other bloggers or brands!

Now, here are some hacks you might want to use:

You do have a link to your Snapchat!
This is great because that way you can link it directly to your blog.

1. Go to Snapchat app on your phone
2. Click “Add Friends”
3. Click Share username (as pictured below)

4. You can copy the link or share it to Twitter or Facebook
For example, mine is:

You can add more than one filter!  
Here's how: swipe right or left to pick a filter. Use one finger to “hold” that filter and swipe more to add another feature. Easy!

You can add more than one line of text.
Go to the “Notes” section of your phone.
Open a new note.
In the note, hit enter (or return) a few times.


Select and copy all the paragraphs you just made and paste them into the text of your snap. Now you can add a whole paragraph!

You can send money.
Snapchat let's you send Snapcash, in case you're not a fan of Paypal or Venmo.

You can use a picture you already took.
If you are sending messages or pictures directly to someone (so, not to your Snapstory) you can send them a picture from your photo library. Press the yellow circle icon when talking to somoen directly.

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