11 Ideas for What to Post to Snapchat

Right now hundreds of thousands of people are watching Snapchat. Just today alone 6 BILLION videos will be watched. So yeah, if you haven't jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon yet, it's time to join. The days of it being a teenage sext-ing only app are over.

It's proven to be a highly ingenious and unfiltered way to get to know people and express yourself. I like to be extra weird on Snapchat. In between my messy house (I am trying to move out of the country) and equally messy hair, I try to give real life tid-bits, behind the scenes, and stuff you won't find on my blog or Instagram.

11 Ideas of What to Post ot Snapchat

HOLD UP – are you following me on snap? You will find lots of behind the scenes, weird dance moves, and more tricks and tips. Follow along @helenesula.

Whether you know it or not, being on Snapchat is good for your blog, your brand, and just really fun. Here's how to crush it on Snapchat, based on what other very successful Snappers do.

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Use Geo Tags


Geo Tags show a place or event that's going on. After you snap a picture or video, swipe to see the different options and Geo filters you can use. This gives people an idea of where you are and what you're up to. Sometimes there are events or places that are selected to be featured on Snapchat, using these filters and submitting your story (that option will pop up if available) is a good way to be seen on Snap.

Snap Often


@laurynevarts is the queen of snapping all the time and her healthy lifestyle.

The best way to be seen is when you consistently snap. That doesn't mean every five minutes. But the way Snapchat works, is it puts the most recent stories at the top. So, the more you Snapchat throughout the day, the more likely you'll be seen.

Be Natural/Keep it Real

snapchat real life


My favorite snappers are the ones that aren't constantly using that ridiculous slimming face filter. Sometimes they wear makeup, sometimes they don't. I feel like I'm getting a real glimpse into their lives and not a staged “only when I look good” photo opp. The thing that's great about Snpachat is you have free rein to speak your mind and talk about your life.

Share behind the Scenes

snapchat behind the scenes

No matter what social media platform we're using followers want to feel like they're getting an exclusive or behind the scenes. You can share a special discount code (ask users to screenshot the code) or just show them something you have going on in the works.

Use Filters


Filters are fun and wacky and very weird. They are fun to play around with or just a good excuse for a selfie – let's be honest. Just please don't use the same filter every second (I'm looking at you, girls who never stop using the dog one.)

Draw it out


You can use the pencil (and change up the color- hint move your finger around the screen to find hidden colors!) to draw on your photos.

Use stickers


Stickers, or emojis are fun to add to your snaps. You can even press and hold on your stickers so they move on whatever object you choose.

Give a shout out

snapchat shoutout

One of the best way to gain authority on Snapchat is my letting others know about your fave snappers.

Gain more followers by send to other social media

snapchat social


It's a good idea to tell people to follow you on Snapchat on say, Instagram. Or tell people that you just tweeted out something new so that they can also follow you on that channel. I try to post different things on different channels and remind people that they can find that in different places.

Share a memory

snapchat memory

Snapchat introduced “Memories” which let's you upload and share previous photos. I like sharing old school stuff but you can share whatever you fancy.

Share an event

snapchat event

People want to see both aspects of your life, so snap away.

What are some of your favorite things to see on Snapchat?

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I cherish snapchat! I for the most part find a considerable measure of bloggers when they assume control over a brand’s snapchat! Its wonderful introduction!
snapchat names to follow

This is one good thing about snapchat, there are lots of ways to make your photos looks fun and lively. I personally enjoy the snapchat filters because it also brings out the creative side of my personality. But sometimes, I just purchased it on FineFilterz.com because they create cool designs and deliver it on a 24-hour deadline. Anyway, thanks for sharing these ideas!

This post makes me want to step up my Snapchat game asap! Thanks for the inspo <3


I am seriously struggling with Snapchat. I think it’s a mix of feeling self conscious for selfie videos and unwillingness to give-it-my-all try. These suggestions are SO helpful and make me feel more confident to figure Snapchat out!

Lexi, Lex Be Livin’

[…] Create an account (if you haven’t already) and just start trying some filters. Helene has some awesome idea of things to post on her blog, Helene In Between. […]

I am still trying to figure out snap chat. Actually the new Instagram Stories got me hooked on snap chat haha! I found out that it is fun to watch people’s ‘behind the scenes’. But still have no clue how to do several snaps after each other. I’m happy I now understand (after a week or so…oops) how to do one snap and share it on my story.

Such a awesome post. Saving this. I watch a lot of snaps nut just have been scared to do any

Thanks for the heads up, I seldom visit snap chat but from now on I will start being active there.Great post.


So many great ideas! When I am in a new place I find myself taking a photo just to find out where the geo tag is (top / bottom / size) to then style my photo! You are one of my favorite snappers!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

I desperately need to up my snapchat game. Lately all I use it for is to send snaps of my daughter sounding like a stray cat to my family and friends.

I’m so confused by Snapchat (maybe I’m too old ?) so this is super helpful. Thank you!

Nicole | The Professional Mom Project

no prob!! i have a few other posts explaining how to use it 🙂

I love Snapchat! It’s my favorite form of social media because you really get to see everyone’s personalities.


YES! It’s just so much fun!

I usually hate watching blogger’s snap stories, which is why I think I’ve never really gotten into myself. Because I just think about all the people out there who would be hating them, ha! But girl I am all about yours, and you are the reeeeeeally only reason I ever get tempted to start getting on Snap more. So….that’s a win for you 😉

Wait… huh?! haha why do you hate them? I need more on this haha. And thanks friend 🙂

I love snapchat! I usually discover a lot of bloggers when they take over a brand’s snapchat! Its awesome exposure!


yes! it’s so fun so see what other bloggers post!

THE BEST POST!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE going to share now!

(also, good to know we were up at 1:29am that night in Colorado ? still need to do that Q&A!)

ahhh thanks friend!! I still think we should have done one…

I’m not on Snapchat all the time these days, so I miss out on a lot of stories from people I’m following (including you, I’m sorry). Unlike Instagram, however, I just post whatever (and whenever) on Snapchat because worrying about curated snaps defeats its purpose.

That’s what’s SO fun about it!!

Love this! I struggle so hard with Snapchat but I want to utilize it more.

I love it so much, it’s just so much fun!

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