By now, you probably know that being on Instagram is massively important for your blog and/or business. You know what's also important? Posting consistently. And posting great content… consistently. Doing both of those things can be very overwhelming. But there is actually a super simple way for you to do both: schedule your content. I'm a HUGE fan of scheduling. Whether it's scheduling blog posts, social media, and now of course, Instagram, it helps me to focus on what's really important: creating an engaged following and writing kickass content.

Pictured above is the “Prynt” camera which prints out your instagram photos. It's AWESOME. Also, it records a video and when you can your pic with your phone the video plays – how cool?!

Enter: Latergramme. It's a super simple app that you can use to schedule your Instagram and move on things that matter. Latergramme is a FREE app (up to 2 accounts and 30 posts per month, the paid version is unlimited.) you can download and use to schedule your photos. It's super simple to use, here's how it works.

First, upload a pic. The cool thing? You can upload photos from your phone (of course) but also your computer as well! This is great if you prefer to edit pictures in Photoshop.

Once you upload the image, you'll add in the caption and time you'd like to post your photo (Check out the Best time to Post to Instagram.)

Click “save”. Now it will show up in your scheduled folder:

Latergramme will send you a push notification to send your Instagram at the time it needs to go live.

You'll just click “Open in Instagram” and your photo plus the caption (and hashtags) will be uploaded to Instagram!

That's it! Super easy, right? You can also set reminders in Hootsuite or Buffer, if you like!