The absolute best way to gain and keep followers engaged on Instagram is to post consistently. It's not always easy to come up with content or feature a beautiful image each and every day. Joining an Instagram challenge (Hint: #PhotosInBetween is going on right now and you can jump in any time!) can help spark your creativity. But what about those days when you have insta block?

Insta Block is like writers block, you want to be creative, you want to share but you're stuck. Here are 14 ideas of what to post to instagram when you're stuck. Some of these may make you roll your eyes, but some of these might help you beat the insta block.

14 Photo Ideas To Post to Instagram

1. Take a different view
When you're walking around or taking a picture of a building or structure, change up the way you view it. Feature a picture up close, from the side, or just the top.

2. Behind the scenes
People love a peek behind what you're up to. Give them a glimpse of what you're doing during your work day.

3. Quote it
People love a good inspirational quote. They can relate to them and make people laugh. BONUS: if you have pretty handwriting, write it out!

4. Day In The Life
Your followers might like to know a part of your routine that you've never revealed.

5. What you wore
Whether you take a whole #ootd (outfit of the day) photo or just a picture of your hand with your rings, people love to see other's style. P.S. Forever 21 has 50% off all swimwear today. So it's basically almost free.

6. Color
If you can find something or own an object that is bright and colorful, get creative and take a picture of it.
Don't forget to have the right lighting! Find out how to take better photos with your phone.

7. Memories
Yes, everyone loves a good throwback Thursday. But go ahead and post on Flashback Friday or Remember When Wednesday (I just made that up, but that could totally be a thing, right?)

8. View From Above
This is probably one of my favorite ways to take instagram photos. It can turn a boring photo into something interesting.

9. Collage
Instagram just introduced a new way to make collages called “Layout.” It's seamless to combine multiple photos that perfectly fits instagram.

10. Your Desk
I'm always interested to see how other organize their desk and what they keep nearby to inspire them.

11. Animals
I will never NOT like a picture of a dog. Ever.

12. Your Drink.
Put it in a pretty glass and take a couple pics = instant likes. Don't forget to use the right hashtags, as explained by the brilliant Sarah.

13. Repost It
Love a picture and want to still give the instagram user credit? Use the “Repost” app and it will automatically tag them.

14. Create a signature photo
Have you ever seen the photos of the woman pulling the man's hand and it says “Follow Me To…” that was created by @muradosmann and the couple now has hundreds of pictures all around the world with their signature pose.

So, there you have it! Are there any accounts or photos that inspire you? Check out the best time to post to post to instagram for the optimal number of likes.

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