I've wanted to write a “bucket list” for a long time. It's a fantastic idea, but every time I started I always stopped, worried I wouldn't be able to accomplish the list. Today Michael and I are packing up both dogs and driving 11 hours to visit my brother-in-law in Pensacola, Florida. I've always wanted to bring dogs to the beach. Maybe this is a strange bucket list item but I just imagine them being in their element: running in the ocean and kicking up sand. (P.S. I'll be updating regularly on instagram: @heleneinbetween)
So checking off a small travel bucket list item, I thought it might be necessary to share the places I'd love to go. This list isn't comprehensive, I'm sure I'll be adding many more places along the way!


My Travel Bucket List


Big Ben, London - My Travel Bucket List
 Big Ben, London

– Germany – MOVING THERE!!!
– Paris, France (check)
– Venice and Rome, Italy
– London, England (check)
– Stonehenge, UK (check)
– Copenhagen
– Dublin, Ireland (check)
– Finland
– Scotland (check)
– Switzerland
– Amsterdam (check)
– St. Petersburg, Russia
– Stockholm, Sweden
– Spain (check)
– Budapest
– Lisbon, Portugal
– Athens, Greece (check)
– Islands of Greece (check  and check but I need to visit more!)
– Vienna, Austria
– Belgium (check)
– Turkey
– Prague (check)
– Milan
– Crimea Peninsula, Ukraine

United States and Canada:

Las Vegas Strip - My Travel Bucket List
 Las Vegas Strip

-The Grand Canyon, Arizona (check)
– Maui & Oahu, Hawaii
– Chicago, IL (check)
– Yellowstone National Park, WY
– New York City, NY
– Washington, D.C. (check)
– San Francisco, CA (half check, I went when I was 12 and I need to make a trip back)
– Las Vegas, NV (check)
– St. Louis, MO
– Santa Fe and Taos, NM (check)
– Boston, MA (check)
– Charleston, SC
– New Orleans, LA (wanted to put this on here, even though I visit at least once a year…check!)
– Napa Valley, CA
– Miami, FL (check)
– Salt Lake City, UT
– Nashville, TN (check)
– Seattle, WA
– Seaside, FL (check)
– The Virgin Islands
– Atlanta, GA  (check)
– Anchorage, AK
– Denver, CO (check)
– Philadelphia, PA
– Hot Springs, AR (check)
– Vancouver, Banff, Montreal, Toronto in Canada

The Caribbean and Bahamas:

Sting Rays in Grand Cayman - My Travel Bucket List
 Grand Cayman with the sting rays

– Nassau, Bahamas (check)
– Exuma, Bahamas
– Jamaica (check)
– British Virgin Islands
– Grand Caymans (check)
– Turks and Caicos

Mexico and Central and South America:

Crab in Equado - My Travel Bucket List
 Crab in  Ecuador

– Cozumel, Mexico (check)
– Playa del Carmen, Mexico
– Cancun, Mexico
– Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
–  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
– Belize
– Galapagos Island, Ecuador
– Machu Picchu, Peru
– Costa Rica
– San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina
– Easter Island, Chile

Australia, New Zealand, The South Pacific and Antarctica:

Aoraki Mount Cook New Zealand - My Travel Bucket list
 Aoraki / Mount Cook in New Zealand

– Sydney, Australia
– Fiji Islands
– Papua New Guinea
– New Zealand (all of it)


Taj Mahal My Travel Bucket list
Taj Mahal

-Phuket, Thailand (check… mostly)

–  Chaing Mai, Thailand (Check, Yee Peng Lantern Festival post here)

– Bangkok, Thailand (Check)
-Bali, Indonesia
-Sri Lanka
-Mount Fuji, Japan
-Taj Mahal, India
-The Great Wall of China
-Angorwat, Cambodia (check)
– Ha Long Bay, Vietnam (check)

Africa and the Middle East:


Dubai Skyline

-Pyramids in Egypt
-Cape Town, Africa
-Sri Lanka

Obviously, I have a lot of work to do! What would you add? What's on your bucket list?