Before my ankle broke, I was travelling a lot for work. I think there really is an art to it. I don't do it too often but 3 places in one month is often enough for me. Each time I stayed for 5 looong days away from my pup and my husband.
First was Chicago. The windy city. I had never been before and high hopes. And I loved it! It was beautiful. So much life and fun things to do. I even liked the airport, since that's where one of my fave movies, Home Alone, has a scene filmed in the airport. Being a big baseball fan I had to check out one of the oldest stadiums: Wrigley field! Also had to try out Chicago Pizza. Yum.
Then it was on to Philly! I tried a philly cheesesteak- not my thing. Our company hooked us up with suite to watch a Phillies game. I can be a fan if you put me up in some nice seats! The people there were so awesome and so typically “Philadelphia”
But my favorite place was NASHVILLE! I went to a conference and while very informative, what I really focused on were things like this:
Moonshine Cocktail
Let me tell you, it was not tasty. I was trying to be brave but had to ask the waiter for a sprite to go with it. The bartender came to our table and told me that “No one ever orders that.” Oh. Good to know.
I saw the replica of the Parthenon. It is really beautiful and matches the original Parthenon's dimensions.
The last night of the conference they took everyone to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville and it was a hoot. It consisted of older people drinking way too much and dancing way too loosely (one older woman made out with the lead guitarist). It was terrifying. And thoroughly entertaining.
But I did find out one thing, I will never be a full time work traveler (does this such verbiage even exist?). I suck at packing. If the food is free you can bet your bottom dollar I'm gonna eat it. I like my bed. I like home cooked meals. And I hate airport security. (Now it will really stink with the metal in my body, ie screws from the broken ankle).
The one upside: the gym is only an elevator ride away. 
So you HAVE to go.