Helene in Between

Helene in Between

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Today I'm taking it back to before Michael and I were married.
Back about 3 years ago when we went on our first cruise!
I had been on Disney cruise growing up but this was totally differnt, and I wasn't 5 years old.
We went to Jamaica, Grand Cayman's and Cozumel.

First, I want you to know Michael and I gorged ourselves on this trip.
We literally each gained about 10 pounds. It was a cruise. I ate everything.

The first stop was Jamaica.
Michael decided it would be a smart idea to walk , by ourselves to the resort nearby. I am so lucky we didn't get mugged or worse. But we did sneak onto a resort and practically had the place to ourselves.
(if you can't tell we like to play a little outside the rules).
We got nervous we were going to be kicked out when one of the life guards looked at us questioningly. We said “Hi, is everything ok” and he replied:
“Oh, Just takin' it easy mon”

and that became our catch phrase of the trip.

The beach, to ourselves

Then we took a tour of the city. Amazing how such poor people seem to live such happy lives.

Next we went to Grand Cayman.
I have never seen such beautiful water in my life. Absolutely perfect.

We went on an excursion where they take you out on a small boat into the middle of the ocean where sting rays just hang out.

I look calm, but I'm not.

We also went snorkeling!

Our last stop was Cozumel. Where Michael won a race and we had free drinks at Carlos n' Charlie's.

I think we are long over due for another cruise. Who wants to take me?!