I have always loved traveling. I was very lucky to grow up in a family where that was easily accessible. My parents are college professors and for a number of years my mom directed the study abroad program in London. I got to go every year and venture to different places each time. 
Now that I'm on my own I still have the travel bug. My dream in life to write and travel (oh wait, that's everyone's dream…) but I love to go just about any where. (Except for New Jersey. I think I'm good there. If you're from New Jersey, JK. Can't wait to visit. Never). 
I thought that I would start a new series on the blog called: Travel Tuesdays. 
Each week would be a different place, a different topic, or a how to of traveling around. 
So for today I am going to talk about: Sneaking into Westminster Abbey in London
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One of the most famous places in all of Europe is Westminster Abbey. 
Home of Royal weddings, coronations, and the burial place of people like Charles Darwin and poet Geoffery Chaucer, are all here. 
But you see, my mom is a little bit of a schemer. And she has been to London multiple times and felt like she paid her dues for to the abbey. 
So we decided to take a stroll around and found an entrance that wasn't guarded, and walked on in.
Westminster Abbey
My mom and I outside of Westminster
Now one man did stop us. But we just played “dumb” and said we had already been inside and we were just strolling around. 
You know, the guards can't talk so what are they going to do about it?!
London Guard, Westminster Abbey
We walked all around, even stopped for the church service. 
So you see, you can save money when you go to Europe.
I am not encouraging sneaking in anywhere. 
But it was fun.
I want your opinion is this just plain stupid and you don't care to read about this? But, seriously. I would love to know your thoughts! 
I am also of thinking of turning this into a link up. Any ideas, thoughts, commentary, etc are welcome!
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