First I want to thank you for all your sweet comments on yesterday's post. I can report that Hugo is doing better and better everyday!
I thought you might be a little tired of trip recaps. So here is our 7 days in Spain, all in one post!

As soon as we left the bewilderment of Tomorrowland in Belgium we hopped on a plane (or ran, we almost missed it) and headed to Barcelona, Spain.
It seems on these trips there is just no stopping. Train, plane, tube stop, walk to the hostel, drop the bags off and be a tourist. ALLLLLLL DAY. But I wouldn't have it any other way.
Our first stop was eating. I have to say, I do not like food in Spain. Paella, tapas, all of it. Just not my style. Maybe we needed to spend more that $8 euros on a meal to really get a taste of the food. That might have something to do with it. But I do like the Sangria.

Our Hostel                                                             Gaudi Architecture

We were in Barcelona for 3 days and we managed to try and squeeze in everything we could possibly. We saw the famous Sagrada Familia, a church designed by Gaudi (who's architectual design is all over Barcelona) and is still being built, for the past 125 years- and it's still not done. It's a very different church. Very modern.

My mom put it well, “It looks like a drip castle made from sand.”

The inside is full of stain glass and columns made to look like tree trunks and the sculptures are very modern and abstract looking. There is a LOT of meaning in each and every scene.

We also trekked up to Park Guell, which was also designed by Gaudi and had a great view of Barcelona. There are parrots living in the trees and full of mosaics and gardens.

View from the park

To round out our trip we went to the beach, the busy market street called La Rambla, the Picasso Museum, Park Cituadella (the gold fountain below) and also hiked up to Montjuïc.

 In our tour guide book, it specifically says to take the bus up to Montjuïc and I didn't want to push it with my ankle. But we started walking and then started looking at the scenery around us and before we knew it we were halfway there, and no buses were in sight. So up the mountain we went. 

But it was worth it for the views!

We really almost missed our flight from Barcelona to Ibiza. I had to ask the guard to skip the security line and luckily they let us pass on through. We literally sat down in our seats and the plane took off. Whew!
Ibiza is known for it's clubs and it's beaches and that was our goal for our 24 hours spent on the island. We weren't disappointed. We were greeted by a club in the airport called “F*** Me I'm Famous”

We went to a club called Space and got to see An 21 & Max Vangeli (DJs) that also performed at Tomorrowland!

The next morning it was time for the beach! And they can only be described as paragise. These beaches were what you would see in a magazine.

It was just unreal. Sandy beaches, crystal clear water and rocky caves. I will be back to see this amazingness again.

On the way to Madrid, for the first time, we weren't running onto the plane! We were pretty tired at this point, but sleep is for the week (as I was reminded by the two boys I was with), and we still managed to see all of Spain and even made a side trip to Segovia.
My favorite part of Madrid was the flamenco show we saw. The dancers and singers are phenomenal. One girl (pictured below) was dancing so hard she chipped the wood out of the floor! If you ever go, I highly recommend it. We also went to a modern museum (I don't understand how people think a palette is art?!) a park, Museo del Prado (full of art from Goya and Rembrandt) and many churches.

We also went to the castle in Madrid. It's so ornate inside it reminded me of the Palace of Versailles outside of Paris. Just breathtaking!

Our last day we took a high speed train to Segovia. There are Aquaducts there from 200 BC that are held up by nothing but the rocks they stand on!

And that was our trip to Spain!!

If you actually read through this post, congratulations! And now I feel like I'm fully back to reality. Maybe.

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