If you are behind go here to read my post about going to the music festival Tomorrowland in Belgium.
After the festival we were exhausted. But that didn't matter. It was on to Amsterdam.
We rented bikes to travel around. I cut my leg up because apparently I am really bad at riding bikes in traffic. And I am a 12 year old girl, in that I am really short and these bikes were hard for me to sit on.
 This is the “I Amsterdam” sign.
A beautiful canal in Amsterdam.
 The Red Light District in Amsterdam, where prostitution is legal. The oldest trick in the book.
What's interesting is the girls are gorgeous! People pay 50 Euro to be with them for 30 minutes.
Seems like a good gig…?
Ovbs JK.
The creepiest men in the world go in there. Yuck.
Such a beautiful and friendly place.
We also toured Anne Frank's House. Amazing.
And we were offered lots of cocaine.
Don't let that scare you, just say no and they leave you alone.
I learned so much from Middle School and the Just Say No Campaigns.
After 2 days in Amsterdam we hopped a train to Paris and desperately tried to get a little shut eye.
Classic Eiffel Tower pic
as you can see from my awkward pose no sleep occurred.
Me outside of the Arc de Triopmhe
Gorgeous view of the Champs de Eylsee
Ok, Michael took this picture. He wants credit.
We also went out to Versailles. It was GORGEOUS. Why can't I live like this?
 The Hall of mirrors in Versailles
 We got cheese, bread and wine and picnicked outside the Eiffel. I highly recommend it.We hit up the Lourve. And Hung out with Mona Lisa.

I tried to make her face, and failed miserably.
Also, we snuck into the Lourve. We kinda didn't mean to. But it happened.
We tried to see every single piece of Paris history in 4 short days. Including the Notre Dame.
I ate so poorly. But I lost weight because we literally walked 10 miles a day. It was perfect.
You must go to Les Refuges to drink wine out of baby bottles:

Now something bad did happen. As I mentioned in the previous post I did not change my passport to my new married name. So the passport had one name, the ticket had another.
Well on the way to America I went from Paris to Germany. That flight was messed up. I get to Germany. They tell me they will not put me on the plane.
I talk to about 10 different people all looking at me like I'm crazy and when they aren't talking to me they are speaking German. (Also, I am still wearing the dress I went clubbing in Paris the night before.)
I go to the USO office, Homeland Security tells me, “Ma'am, you're in the shitter.” I kid you not.
I had to get my marriage certificate to prove I wasn't lying.
I finally print out what looks like a line on an excel spread sheet that states I married Michael on April 30, 2011.
They hand me 2 tickets: one with my married name and one with my maiden name.
At this point I have 10 minutes to get through security and on the plane.
I am literally dripping sweat and probably flashing people as my dress is bouncing up and down as I am sprinting through the airport.
I get a raised eye brow in security but I pass through. At the gate the lady takes my ticket, says something in German and then holds her breath. “Hmm weird, go on girl.” She tells me.
I sit down in my chair and then cry like a baby.
But I hadn't slept. So that might be why.


Oh you may be wondering: Am I wealthy? No. Actually hell no. I just save a lot.
Truthfully, my husband is what you might call a miser. And sometimes it drives me crazy. But we went on a trip of a lifetime. And hope to do it again.
Would you go again? In a second. I could live in Europe.
What was your favorite part of the trip? Every part. Each place was so different. Even when I was almost stranded in Germany.