One of my favorite things to do every year is recap. What was the best, and of course, the absolute worst of the year. It provides perspective and helps me establish goals for the coming year. I wanted to kick off this year's recap post with a slightly different angle — recapping a few of my favorite trips, books, best-of-the-blog, and more. But I'll also include a giveaway to accompany each!

First, I searched for the best blog posts, from the most read, commented, and shared.

Helene in Between's Best Blog Posts of 2017

…Most Shared

10 Things You Must Do in Dublin, Ireland

With over 15,000 shares, this post was one of the most shared this year. I loved traveling to Ireland and spending time in its capital city. From the incredible library, dark Guinness beer, and lush greenery, despite being a busy city, you can't beat Dublin as a travel destination.  My other post on an Ireland travel guide had over 6,000 shares — also a popular post this year.

…Most Commented

We're on House Hunters International

I think the title explains it all. We were on TV, y'all! Such a weird and surreal experience to be featured on House Hunters International. But we absolutely loved it because it documents a snapshot into our move abroad and spending time in our new home city of Heidelberg. Of course, we also got to have our dogs on the show too, which was by far the biggest highlight.

Runner up: Why I Left Everything Behind to Move Abroad

Best Pictures

22 Photos That Will Make You Book a Trip to Austria

I had to pick a post that I feel had the prettiest images. This one was easy to do: Austria! By far, the country I spent the most time in besides my new home country of Germany was Austria. From the gorgeous alps, the music of Salzburg, to the delightful city of Vienna there is something for everyone here. Austria won my heart.

Most Inspiring

How I Made $15,000 Last Month While Traveling Full Time

Despite the fact that this is a relatively new post, this is one of my top posts of 2017. I am not the biggest fan of talking about how I make money on my blog but I think it gives a good understanding of how a blog really can make you a full time income!


Best Travel Post

10 Day Italy Itinerary: Rome, Florence, Venice

I went to Italy for the first time in 2017! And I went back 3 times. One of my favorite trips was when Michael and I rented a car and drove through Italy. Rome mesmerized me with its ancient history under every stone. Florence floored me with its intricate beauty. And Venice was like another world. I mapped out our itinerary and the top things to see in each incredible city.

Runner up: The Essential Paris Travel Guide

Best News

Helene in Between Shop

I started a shop! I opened the door to a small shop selling my Lightroom presets and my Instagram eBook! I am really excited to see people growing their Instagram using my tips and editing their photos with my presets.

Best Social Media Post

How to Create an Instagram Theme (And Why You Should)


Instagram remains my favorite social media program out there, so it's no surprise this is one of my top posts. I broke down the 6 ways to create an Instagram theme along with the ways that will keep new followers coming back for more. I think creating a theme or aesthetic is tough for many, so this post helped illustrate what worked.

Best Blogging Post

Full Guide: How to Land Sponsored Travel as a Blogger

This year I traveled more than any other year. And I also traveled more for free or was paid to travel. Of course, it's hard work, but it's totally worth it to get paid to travel or grab a wonderful hotel. I broke down my exact process and even give you my email templates in this blog post. I love writing posts that hopefully help others in their pursuit of their dreams and I think this post helped with that.

Top Post of 2017

The Truth About Moving Abroad

I had to pick my favorite! Moving abroad without a job, visa, place to live, and having never stepped foot in Germany before was difficult, to say the least. I wrote out exactly what our process was like, from getting denied visas to some of the craziest stories along the way. I think what I found so powerful was hearing your stories of moving around the world or even in your own country. Moving is difficult and we all have stories to tell when it comes to this.

Thanks so much for reading this blog in 2017! I'll be doing giveaways throughout my social media and on my blog posts to celebrate you, Christmas, and the end of the year. Starting off with a $100 to Starbucks giveaway to keep you buzzed! Wanted to make this one super easy. There's only two optional tasks and you're entered!
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