How I Made $15,000 Last Month While Traveling Full Time

Blogging is a full time job. Whether you're a full time blogger or not, there's just so much to do. From writing, taking photos, editing, social media-ing, to monetizing, it seems like the “to-dos” never end. But I think I've found a way to balance my very busy life and my blog. Last month, October 2017, I made over $15,000 from my blog. I didn't have a crazy sale. I didn't publish 33 posts. In fact, I was traveling the entire month. I spent exactly 5 days home, and most of those days were spent catching up on laundry. I'm going to break down how I made money on my blog, even when I had lots going on. I promise if I can do this so can you.

I'm not an income report blogger. I know they are interesting and I definitely enjoy reading them, but it's not something I feel like sharing often. I feel that for me to talk about my money is like I'm going topless down the street in broad daylight. I love blogging income reports, when done right, from people like Michelle of Making Sense of Cents. It makes sense (pun intended) for her to publish posts like this on her blog, since her blog is financed based.

I shy away from it because I'm more lifestyle based. But I was thinking about it: if I blog about living your best life and figuring out your dreams, money sometimes has to play a role in this. I'd like to think I'm pretty savvy at finding ways to save and make money, even when I'm doing nothing but traipsing through the Romanian countryside or walking the cobblestone streets of Rome. To be a better resource for bloggers and entrepreneurs, I thought it was time to share an income report, of sorts.

Now before you start rolling your eyes at the life of a full time blogger, realize that I worked for years at an 8-5 job. I remember the dreaded meetings, the long commutes, and the overtime that seemed to happen all too often. Keep in mind I started my blog while working full time, and I decided to leave my job after I started making an income blogging. So it's absolutely doable whether you work full time, part time, have 6 kids, etc.

Let me tell you this: I DID NOT quit my job to travel the world. I didn't quit my job to blog. I don't believe in jet setting without a plan. I don't believe in racking up $1,000s of dollars in debt in order to see the world or live your dreams. I think you can make money, save money, and still live life to the fullest. I made sure I had a plan in place. One that was scalable, that I felt could help me increase my salary over time, while also giving me the freedom to live more of a location independent lifestyle. Yes, I bolded this whole paragraph because I think it's important.

So often I see people focus on living their best life by saying things like, “Just do it!” That's nice, but it doesn't really get you from point A to point B. Making money blogging can seem scary. But honestly, it's been one of the best investments for myself and my future. So let's break it down.

Income Report for October 2017

Affiliate Income

A note about Affiliate income- I ONLY promote products and services I myself use. I make sure I try them out before actually promoting them.

Siteground (this is the web host company I use and highly recommend): $1,800

Genius Blogger's Toolkit– each year I participate by offering a product in this awesome group of bloggers. It's literally 100s of tools for $97. I'm also an affiliate for the product. I made: $5,671.25

Other Affiliates (These were smaller programs that still added up to help me make revenue this month): $480

Product Sales

When I say product, I mean what I sell from my own website. This is purely stuff that I created, market and sold from my website. I offer Lightroom Presets and an Instagram eBook: $1,773.25

Sponsored work

I don't do a ton of sponsored posts but when I do, I only do ones that involve big payouts. That's because I spend a large chunk of my time writing and creating content for the posts: $5,000


Mediavine (Note, requires a minimum of 25,000 sessions over the last 30 days.) $1,030.68

Total income for October = $15,755.18

Of course, in order to make money you do need a website. Here's why I think everyone needs a blog (plus how to start one) that will show you why and how to start a blog with PURPOSE! You also need direction and most of all: a little help.

I think having a balance between blogging/work/life is essential. And it's not something I've always been very good about. I recently read 4-Hour Work Week (a game changing book, y'all!) but what I found so phenomenal was his refusal to let work hold him back. We all have the same amount of hours in a day. How can some people be successful, yet have so much fun? The answer is finding out your strong points and figuring out how to create your dream life.

I feel that I'm well on my way to doing that. Especially given the fact that I traveled to Romania, Italy, and Austria in October, yet still managed to make over $15,000. And in case you are wondering, these trips were packed. Most of the time I didn't have a second to check email or update Twitter. So… how did I do it? I'm revealing all in a brand new webinar!

New (FREE!) Webinar: Secrets to Creating Your Dream Blog (And Life!)

FREE WEBINAR! Secrets to Creating Your Dream Blog (And Life!)

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Whether you want to travel, want extra time, or just want to make an income from your blog and see more traffic then this will help you. It's plain and simple strategies that you can start IMMEDIATELY.

Here's what can you expect from the webinar:

  • I'll be showing you how I automate my blog so that I'm able to grow it in every way, make money, and still travel and live my life.
  • I'm going to show you, step-by-step, what's worked for my blog in terms of making money and scaling my income.
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  • Find out out to leverage your worth and make 2018 the best year yet for your blog.
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When? The webinar is taking place Tuesday, November 28th at 12pm central // 7pm central European. * There will be a replay, but ONLY for those that sign up!

It's time to start dreaming and start doing. Join me for this webinar to rock your blog and help you find strategies that work to save time and effort. There's nothing magical or mysterious about building a successful business. All you need is a plan. Let me guide you through the process!

If you've ever wanted your blog to grow while spending less time then this is for you. I'm an average person. I don't have anything particularly crazy like a million dollar loan when I started or supermodel looks. But I was able to grow and scale my blog and turn it into a full time business. I hope to see you at the webinar!


FREE WEBINAR! Secrets to Creating Your Dream Blog (And Life!)

Christmas cup %281 of 5%29

Ready to save time while growing your blog and making money? This free training is for you!

Powered by ConvertKit

FREE WEBINAR! Secrets to Creating Your Dream Blog (And Life!)

Christmas cup %281 of 5%29

Ready to save time while growing your blog and making money? This free training is for you!

Powered by ConvertKit

This post is amazing and inspirational. I’m just starting out but am already doing what I can so that I’ll be able to eventually monetize my blog. So every bit of advice helps – thanks!

These are actually so helpful, I’m always curious to see how bloggers make their money. You put so much work into your blog, it’s truly inspiring Helene xx

Sending light & love your way,

My Lovelier Days

Congrats on doing something many people dream of! I love reading income reports and yours is proof people can make money doing something they love. You are truly an inspiration!
I have only just begun blogging but so far I have enjoyed it. Setting goals also helps me and keeps me on track!


I have just started to blog its has been good and I have got good response. I do have my own website( http://gullaheritage.com ) from where i do Affiliate marketing on Hilton Head’s Culture. But after reading your blog I have a boost, I had no idea one can earn so much in a month by blogging and traveling. Waaow!! that amazed me.

Thank you so much for this information! In actuality, it is the lower end of income reports the majority of us need to see. The more famous ones are pie in the sky right now to those of us just starting out, or still not established yet. Your report gives us some good information and a framework for obtainable goals. So again, thank you! Your story is awesome, especially since my family and I did kind of the same thing. Unfortunately, I am still tied to a 9-5 job, but hopefully not for long as I am working on my online business. Online courses and a podcast. Anyway, I love Heidelberg. But we ended up in Stuttgart. And we have been traveling all over. I would highly recommend you go to the Stuttgart Volksfest (Oktoberfest) next year. Take care. -Steve

I love reading income reports. I find them so fascinating to see how others make their hard earned money. I feel like a lot of people think that bloggers just magically make money, but there’s actually a lot of work that goes into it.
Good for you!


I’ve never cared for bloggers who post income reports if it’s not what they’re about- ya know? I like this because it’s validated. You don’t promise an overnight formula to success and that drives me crazy. You’ve been blogging for 6 years and have a background in it. Anyways- love this as usual. I made my husband watch your house hunters episode and I’m like ‘see, she built a business out of blogging. it CAN be done’ lol. And he totally related to Michael in the fact that you need to Save Money constantly- even on that $3 margarita! Hah. You are the prime example of showing me I can do what I want, and it is possible!

Just wondering if this was a typical month for you or if this was unusual?

That webinar sounds awesome! I definitely need help finding my sweet spot to maximize my blogging time for profit. Will this webinar be uploaded to Blog Boss Babe?

This is awesome!! I love seeing how hard you work and that it’s paying off. We should all be allowed to live our best lives on OUR terms!


I love this post! So inspiring. But I totally get it how uncomfortable that might be to share this info your audience, specially when the audience is huge like yours. Thanks for sharing, though. Wish you the best =)

I love all your posts! I’m on my third year of blogging and I’m still trying to figure out what my sweat spot is and how I can bring value to every post! Cant wait for the webinar 😀
The Fernweh Wolf / Travel & Lifestyle Blog

You can do it! So excited to have you!

Yay I’m all signed up and can’t wait for the webinar!

This is a great post, Helene. I like that you keep it real. I think too often newbie bloggers are lured by headlines that tout how easy it is for bloggers to make money and live an independence life. It is not easy at all and requires lots of perseverance. You are showing that it can be done but not without a plan and a heavy dose of business savvy.

Oh thanks so much Deborah! It isn’t easy, that is for sure! But it is worth it!

You’ve got a way for speaking the truth. I know you & Michael spent months (or was it years?) researching your trip to Germany – and I love how he emphasized the budget you guys had in House Hunters. ha. Totally with you – people should NOT rack up debt to make big life changes, and should do their part to research any big life moves.

I think it’s super cool how you sell Lightroom presets because you truly have an eye for editing photos. Scrolling down your feed every time is really like turning the pages of a fairy tale.

BTW – tonight I was at a dinner with someone and she mentioned you, your blog, & how you moved to Europe with your two dogs!

ahh no way! that makes my day!! And thanks for your kind comment. it makes me happy to know people are really reading what I say!

Huge congratulations Helene, that’s awesome! It sounds like you had a truly amazing, and profitable October!

I hope you have a great Monday,

Thank so much Michael! Hope to see you at the webinar 🙂

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