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Lightroom presets to turn your photos into beautiful masterpieces. Create an astounding scene, a perfect portrait, and so much more. Invoking the beauty of Europe and the wanderlust in all of us!

Retro Vibes Presets

10 presets culminating in cool vibes

10 Lightroom presets

Create incredible images.
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Inspired by my travels throughout Morocco and Europe, these presets are a lovely way to instantly edit your photos and bring them to life. With a warm, dreamy, and vibrancy that makes your photos pop. I use these daily to edit all of my photos from Morocco sand dunes to portraits these work well in various forms of lighting.

Warm Presets

10 presets to make any image shine

10 Lightroom presets

Create incredible images.
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Inspired by warm tones and a dreamlike quality, these presets will turn any photo into a masterpiece. 10 custom presets created to enhance your image and bring out the best. Ideal for bringing out radiant tones and details.

Retro Vibes MOBILE Presets

10 presets culminating in cool vibes

10 MOBILE Lightroom presets

Create incredible images.
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MOBILE PRESETS! Easily edit your photos with Mobile versions of my presets! You can download Lightroom mobile for free and can now edit your photos with my exact presets! YAY! No Lightroom subscription needed. These presets come with 10 edits and a how to video and PDF to show you how to get these edits.

Wander Presets

10 presets insipred by wanderlust

10 Lightroom presets

Create incredible images.
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Invoking the wanderlust in all of this, these presets are designed to transform your images. Inspired by my travel in Europe and the beautiful architecture and surroundings, these presets enhance your images. These are suitable for all types of images: landscapes, portraits, indoor, and more.

You want beautiful photos. But you don't have time to edit for hours.

Take your photos to the NEXT level and edit like a pro! The absolute best way to make your photos stand out is editing them. But it's time consuming and editing isn't easy. I had to learn this the hard way. I spent years trying to figure out how to make my photos pop. I created my sought after edits- these are the EXACT Presets I use on my blog and Instagram.

What if you could...

Make your photos stand out on your blog and Instagram? You can with my one click presets for Lightroom!

What do these presets do?

In just ONE click, edit your photos in Lightroom. These work whether you're shooting with a DSLR, mirrorless, or Smartphone!

Gorgeous edits at your fingertips

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“This has changed the game for me and editing pictures. I used to spend HOURS, now I spend minutes!”

Catherine Ramos

Gorgeous edits at your fingertips that inspire

Enhance your photos, no matter where you are. Whether you're at the beach, in the mountains, or at home, these presets will instantly boost your photos and aesthetic.

I believe in images that inspire

I picked up my life and moved abroad (from Texas to Germany!) to pursue my dreams of traveling Europe. I developed these presets out of a need: to quickly edit and share. If you're like me, you know how much time it can take to edit photos. You want them to be beautiful, realistic, and you want them to pop.

These presets are designed with bloggers and Instagrammers in mind. They are intended to help you maximize your awesome images in a streamlined way. I use these as “one click” edits because I want the ability to easily edit and get back to what I love: seeing the world!

This is for you if...

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I get the presets?
Immediately!! And you have access forever.

What version of Lightroom do I need?
These presets work with Lightroom version 4 and higher.

What camera do you recommend?
I recommend this camera and explain why in this very detailed post!

Why Lightroom?
Lightroom is what all the pros use. It's the absolute best way to edit your photos and do it quickly too!

What kind of images are the presets compatible with?

Can you add the presets to my phone?
YES! Check out the mobile version of my presets!