If pictures say 1,000 words then I've said about 8,675,343. Approximately. I traveled more this year than ever before, and naturally, I took more photos. After a lengthy research process, I got a brand new camera. So, let's hit the road and find out my top photos of 2017, separated by month. It was SO hard to narrow it down (so I might have cheated a little and picked two). I'm also giving you the chance to win my Lightroom presets! Here are my favorite and best photos of 2017.

I couldn't share pictures from all my travels (I went to 80+ cities) but I'm doing my best to show you some of my favorite places and images.

Best Photos of 2017


I kicked off the year (and my birthday in Paris). I had the brilliant idea of taking 30th birthday pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower. In January. In a dress. Please picture me trying to hold up over priced gold, deflating balloons to read “30” and not “E0” or “03”. More photos and full guide to Paris here.


I went to Italy for the first time EVER and fell immediately in love. Besides consuming gelato and pizza we managed to explore Northern Italy. We first stopped in the hazy, lazy lake region of Como. Then headed to the beautiful Milan. After that we drove through the French Riviera. It was absolutely one of my favorite trips this year. The Milan Duomo shocked me with its ornate architecture. Check out my Northern Italy and French Riviera itinerary here.


My home city of Heidelberg, Germany is one of the prettiest around, if you ask me. From a gorgeous castle, beautiful homes, and a river running through it, I always feel at peace when I'm “home.”


I traveled to Rome, Florence, Venice and Paris. All were extremely beautiful. But Venice won my heart. it was so different from any city I'd been to before.


We took a trip to Ireland thinking we'd take a few side trips out of Dublin. We met up with some friends from America and once Michael saw that his friend drove a car across Ireland (on the other side of the road) he decided he could do it too. So we grabbed the wheel and I clutched my heart as we haphazardly drove through the narrowest streets on the wrong side of the road.


Bulgaria was a destination that completely surprised me. I particularly loved Seven Rila Lakes and the Rila Monastery (pictured). It's a gorgeous place in the midst of nowhere.


I traveled often to Austria over the past few months but I hadn't yet been to Vienna. It's safe to say I was floored by this lovely, beautiful city.

My other favorite part about Austria? The countryside. I adore the alps. And the cows.


Starting in August the rest of the year was insane, travel wise. Some months I was only home for 5 days. Two separate trips to Spain (San Sebastian and Ibiza), Two different music festival in the Netherlands. A trip to Amsterdam and some stops around Germany. It was hard to pick just one photo, so I didn't! I had to pick two. First pictured is Amsterdam, then a random sunflower field in Germany.


Copenhagen was colorful and unique. This year was my first time in Denmark, and now I want to explore more of northern Europe's countries.


I traveled to some of the most picturesque places in the world: Rome and the Amalfi Coast. Picking out just one picture from each place was no easy feat. Every corner you turn is prettier than the next. Secret to good shots: wake up early before the crowds.



19 days in Romania was a whirlwind of a stirring history, lovely countryside, and more food than I should have eaten in the entire year. If you're considering heading to Europe I suggest putting Romania on your list.



My favorite time of year: Christmas markets! I ventured to at least a dozen different markets and went almost every single day the markets were open. What can I say? I like Glüwein. Check out all the photos here and check out my guide to European Christmas markets here.

Now that you've seen some of my favorite pictures, I'm giving you the chance to win my Lightroom presets! You'll get BOTH packs, worth $118. There are two chances to win. Enter here, and on my Instagram @heleneinbetween.

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