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No fluff. Real strategies and tips to help you succeed. These are the tools I use to become a full time blogger and online influencer and grow my blog to 150,000 pageiews a month and over 100,000 engaged Instagram followers.

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I want to help you succeed.

Whether you want to create your best blog ever and make money from it (BLOG BOSS BABE), learn what really works on Instagram (INSTAGRAM UNLOCKED) or take your photos to the next level (LIGHTROOM PRESETS) I have something that will help you. 

Be a Blogging Rockstar

Blogging is hard work. And there is SO MUCH to do. Let’s cut through the noise and focus on real strategies that work. With BLOG BOSS BABE. An online community of bloggers and social media badasses. The membership site is updated weekly with videos to grow your blog, social media, and learn how to profit. provides video modules to help you grow and establish your blog and social media. Blog Boss Babe is your own collaborative team, intent on helping your blog rise to the top.


Edit Photos like a PROFESSIONAL

Take your photos to the NEXT level and edit like a pro! The absolute best way to make your photos stand out is editing them. But it’s time consuming and editing isn’t easy. I had to learn this the hard way. I spent years trying to figure out how to make my photos pop. I created my sought after edits- these are the EXACT Presets I use on my blog and Instagram.

Own it on Instagram

Ready to create an Instagram that counts? I grew my Instagram from 0 to 100,000 highly engaged followers. And I did it in a way that helps me to monetize my account (I’m a full time blogger and online influencer). This isn’t your run-of-the-mill eBook. This is a 80+ page eBook goes in-depth on strategies on everything from setting up your account to be found organically, using hashtags, creating an aesthetic, and beating the Instagram algorithm… and so much more!

About Helene


Helene has been blogging for the past six years and quit her job two years ago to focus on her passion: blogging, traveling, and helping others grow online. She moved from Dallas, Texas to Heidelberg, Germany with her husband and two dogs to live out her dreams of traveling Europe. She hopes to offer tools that will help make your blog and social media successful and easier (and, more fun!).

Outside of the blogging world, Helene loves electronic dance music, hiking with the dogs, ice cream, and working on her fiction novel.

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“This is one of the best things I could have done for my blog! I’m learning so much, and am really excited. I haven’t felt this energized in awhile. “

Ashley Vickney

“I have taken several courses/webinars from successful instagramers/bloggers. But they don’t really reveal the secrets to their success. But, you Helene my dear, YOU are real deal and for that I appreciate it. I learned very useful information from ur coarse and I’m thankful for that! “

Evelyn B.

“This has changed the game for me and editing pictures. I used to spend HOURS, now I spend minutes!”

Catherine Ramos

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