Over the past couple months my life has flipped turned upside down. And now from reading just two lines of this blog post, I have referred to two different rap songs. What a great introduction. But seriously, life has changed A LOT and there are some new followers around here. I've had quite the influx from Instagram (@heleneinbetween), so if you're visiting from there, HEY!

I always like reading “get to know me” posts, and it's been a while since I've done one. So here we go.


My name is Helene. Not to be confused with “Helen” or “Helena” or “Elena”. It's pronounced like “Hell- Lean”. And it kind of rhymes with Between. Hence the blog name. This necklace from Onecklace helps people understand.

If you haven't been following for long, I JUST moved from Dallas, Texas to Heidelberg, Germany with my husband and two dogs and two suitcases each. And that's it! We are moving for a variety of reasons, but mostly because we want to travel in Europe and see the world.

In case you need to catch up, here are some posts about our big leap:

The Big Reveal (I announce we are moving abroad and some of the decisions that compelled us to move)

We're Moving To (I tell you where we're moving and why we chose that location)

The Adventure Begins (Thoughts before moving my life abroad and one of my favorite stories from growing up)

The Biggest Leap (Answering some of your questions about our move)

Moving Across the World (I talk about our experience moving across the world with our two dogs and my first thoughts on our new city)

I am a nap taker. I could take a nap every single day and twice on Sundays if time permitted. Lately, it's been go go go, so it hasn't happened. But I love adding them into my schedule. I tend to be an early bird, so a nap midday is the quintessential way for me to feel energized.

Last year, I quit my job and started blogging full time. I recently wrote about what that means for me and how it's changed my life.

I like to have nail polish on my nails at all times. I have recently succumbed to the CND “dip” nail technique. Gel never seems to last that long for me, unless I do it myself. There's one problem, I can't find in Germany. I guess I'll just settle for painting them… almost everyday. I also scratch it off on the regular. This is my fave nail polish.

I am an introvert. I always thought I was an extrovert, but until I really understood the definition of what being introverted/extroverted meant, I had it wrong. No, I'm not shy in public and I don't mind talking to new people. But the definition of an introvert is that you crave alone time and that's how you re-energize. This is me to a T. I MUST have my alone time. This can be hard, since I'm married to an extrovert…

I married my highschool sweetheart. Right now, I have a new series, called “Lost in the Right Direction” where I talk about how we met, at 17, and all the ups and downs that go along with it.


My favorite thing to do is dance. This might also be why I love electronic dance music. It also doesn't hurt that I now live in Europe where dance music is the mainstream. I have a feeling I will be spending many nights out dancing the night away. Right after my nap.

I'm an ageist. I turn 30 (eek!) in mid January and I am already freaking out about it. I have always had a problem getting older. Not just a few years ago, but ever since I was a little kid, I didn't want to grow up. Here are 10 things I'd like to achieve in my lifetime.

My favorite show of all time is a tie between Curb Your Enthusiasm and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I like comedies the best, especially ones that are a little on the dry side and also not politically correct. I also thin David Letterman was the BEST late night talk show host.

Even though I moved to Europe, I haven't explored so much. I've never been to Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and many other places. I have a running Travel Bucket List that I REALLY want to accomplish in my lifetime! One of the biggest trips I took recently was to Asia. It was the craziest place I think I've ever been to.


I hate getting my haircut. HATE IT. I have a really tender head and I always tear up. Right now, it's been probably 5 months since I've had a haircut. I know that I look like that I might be in a cult. But I just don't want to do it.

I wear leggings like it's my job. I know this probably isn't earth shattering but I only brought one pair of jeans to Europe. Which is not okay since that's all they wear. Or I'll just be super American and keep wearing it. Can't live without these.

So that's a little bit about me. Now, tell me something about you!

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