It's time to finally tell you my big, huge secret. I've kept this quiet for a solid 18 months now. And in case you're wondering, I'm definitely not pregnant, although, I don't think anyone is surprised. The reason for the secrecy wasn't because I didn't want to tell.  I just couldn't. So, after holding it in for far too long, today's finally the day:


I'm moving ABROAD!!!

It's not for work. Actually this isn't for any reason really. Michael and I decided to move abroad for fun. So, Michael has quit his job, and we are going overseas August 15th.

My goal is to live like I'm on vacation quote


Writing out these words makes this whole thing surreal to me. I can't believe it's really happening. Plane tickets are booked. We're holding a big estate sale next weekend to get rid of all our stuff. We plan to travel light — only packing up a couple of suitcases each and taking off with just that.

Believe me, a lot of thought that went into this. We originally moved to Nashville as a sort of test drive for an overseas move. To that end, we also did a other things to prepare for such a move, many of which I've touched on in the blog but wasn't able to share. Looking back, much of what I blogged about links up to this big decision.

A few years ago Michael and I came to the conclusion we had an incessant urge to travel. I grew up regularly venturing to London for six weeks almost every summer, when my parents taught a study abroad program. Michael got to go with me the summer before college. We'd been dating a solid six months and I told my parents that he had to come on the trip or I'd die. (I was very dramatic.) That was it. Like me, he officially got the travel bug.

After we married, we made it a priority to travel abroad every chance we could. We took these incredible trips to Europe and elsewhere each year — some of the best times in our life. The no-sleep excitement, watching in wonderment as the Eiffel Tower lit up while we drank wine and munched on cheese, and explored around Paris. We found a hidden modern art museum in Madrid, tip-toed on a cobblestone street for a bar crawl in Prague, danced until I had blisters at the music festival Tomorrowland in Belgium, got lost on our bikes and found a historic burial ground in Amsterdam, drove what felt like a tin can car in Crete, sneaked into the Picasso museum in Barcelona… All incredible.

Traveling abroad taught me more than I can articulate and it's helped to shape me as a person. While each has been wonderful, the only drawback was that our trips have been too brief. We wanted to not only see the world, but to be in those places. The expense of travel coupled with the fact that we only had two weeks vacation each year, limited us. So, we looked at each other one night over steaming spaghetti and meat sauce in our home in Dallas and knew what we needed to do: move.

Island of Crete, Greece

Our jaunts of 10 days overseas always felt like little dreams. We tucked them into our memories, hung travel pictures on the wall, and sighed that we might not ever make it happen. It's hard to leave the simple luxuries of home and the responsibilities that tie you to your roots. I'm basically a homebody. But I felt the pull to just do it. If I never try, I'll never know. Michael thought we could get jobs over there. I wanted to blog full time, to continue working on what I loved from anywhere in the world. To pull this off, one thing was clear: we needed to save a lot of money. We've always been savers, but we went into full throttle mode once the plans started falling into place.

January of 2015, Michael and I decided we needed to move out of Dallas. If you've read any of those previous posts about us moving (here, here, and here) it's all led to this. The reason for the move was simple: can we actually move out of Dallas? I've never lived anywhere but Dallas. Step one, was to make sure I could really be away from family and friends. Not that it will be similar when we move abroad, but I especially wanted to make sure as I've only been a maximum of 10 miles from my Mom my whole life. In January we researched where to live in America. After MUCH debating, we decided on one year in Nashville. Last July we uprooted and moved there.

In Nashville, we spent the past year meticulously planning. Every Thursday and sometimes Sundays we researched options. Trying to figure out just where to live overseas, logistics, and mostly: If we could live anywhere in the world, where would we go?

We now know. And I'm just so damn thrilled. Our criteria included a place where the people speak some English (although we have been taking a foreign language course for the past couple months), is a fairly large city, but still cost efficient, and with great transportation so that we can get around. Any guesses where we're headed?!

This year has completely flown by. We've had an absolute blast and I'm tearing up now thinking of the people I will miss so dearly once we leave. We officially leave Nashville July 31st. We leave the USA August 15th. It's just around the corner. If you have any tips about moving overseas I'm ALLLLL ears!

I cannot believe that we are actually doing this. It seems crazy but I know it will be my greatest adventure. I can't wait to reveal more. I'll be dropping hints on Instagram @heleneinbetween and Snapchat @helenesula.

Thanks for reading my blog. As you can probably tell, there are much more adventures to come!

Find out where we chose to live, right here!


This is the best news! Congratulations, Helene, how exciting! Good for you going for this–and wow, you two are so patient.

I want to guess you’re moving somewhere like Austria but your Eiffle Tower Instaprop is making me wonder if you’re moving to France… can’t wait for you to let us all know tomorrow!

Congrats Helene..I am jealous but in a good way! My dream is to live anywhere I want in the USA and travel abroad when I want also…working hard to make it happen. thanks for all the inspo in your courses I have taken and the free webinars, you rock! Hope to hear where soon, I have no clue, but guessing Asia!

Thanks so much Valerie!! that is an awesome dream. Thanks so much 🙂

Somewhere in Asia? Or South Africa?

Hi, Helene! I was looking at your blog before the webinar, and I saw you are moving abroad. That’s so exciting! I was afraid of falling into a rut after college, so I moved to South Korea to teach English for about a year and a half. I’m so glad that I did! I would echo other comments that
finding an expat community is huge. Friendships seem to form much more quickly abroad because you share in the experience of adjusting to different cultural norms. Also, if you have any favorite snacks that you can fit into your bags or have someone mail to you, they are nice to have when you are missing home. Being from the South, I knew I would miss sweet tea and took some tea bags over. I was teased, but it was definitely worth it! I would also try to familiarize yourself with public transportation if possible. I grew up in a town with no public transportation and got pretty lost at first. I found some locals who fumbled through broken English and Korean to help me find where I needed to go though. Make sure you know the weather patterns also. I had never experienced a very cold winter, so a friend I met there had to take me shopping for appropriate winter clothes. Also, it goes a long way if you learn polite gestures of the culture. I found that locals were pretty forgiving when I was clueless. However, it helps you bond with people around you to learn their ways, and they appreciate your interest in their culture. Wherever you are going, I hope you have an amazing experience!

oh that’s so so good to know! Definitely learning their culture and customs is something i plan to do. And yes, I’ve never had a cold winter hahah!!

This is INSANELY exciting and something you will NEVER regret! You’ll have stories to tell for the rest of your life! So excited to follow your journey. I also think this is a brilliant blogging move because it’s going to give you SO much organic material that your followers will WANT to read every time you post! Thrilled for you! xoxo

haha yes, It will be good for the blog lol!! But I just can’t wait 🙂

So excited for you!! And selfishly, I love reading things like this. I’ve always dreamt of making a big move (not necessarily abroad, but definitely across the country) but I’ve always been to scared to do it. I love seeing others do big things like this because it just pushes me to continue working toward it! What an adventure!!!

That is not selfish at all to want to read this- I, for one, am thrilled you’re reading!! It is scary for sure, but it will be an adventure!

Woo hoo, congrats! Living abroad is the BEST decision we’ve made, you will love it! Excited to see where you are headed 🙂

That is SO awesome to her Jeannie!! thanks so so much 🙂

wow!! that’s awesome! i just stumbled upon your blog and don’t know you, but that is so so so so exciting! my Husband and I have toyed with the idea of moving abroad as well! We LOVE Europe and all the cities we have seen and people we have met there! I have been in Denton my whole life, so your idea about moving to Nashville is genius! i can’t wait to see where you move and follow your adventure (and live my abroad life thru you!) we are traveling to Barcelona and Madrid in October and I have a feeling we will fall in love, again. This will be my first time to travel to Spain and i’m so excited and will not want to come home!

also, what will your new hashtag be? #heleneabroad #photosinbetweenabroad


i mean let’s be honest, im just really excited to see your gram pics when you move. also can I come to the estate sale?

Congratulations! This is such exciting news! It’s a really brave decision of you both. I can’t wait to find out where you’re moving to :). It must have been difficult keeping this news from everyone!

Nicky xx | http://www.curious-journeying.com

Thanks so much Nicky!! It was so so hard not to share!!

yay!!!! so so very excited for you! way to take a BIG dream and make it happen! yay!!!!

Thanks so much Chelsea! I really appreciate it 🙂

I need to know!!! What are you headed??? Definitely following you on Snapchat right now. Mine’s mirandamowbray 🙂

I promise to tell SOON!

If you are as passionate about moving as you seem, then you will love it! We did it, quit jobs, sold everything, and hopped on a plane to Amsterdam and never regretted it for a second. It can be a pain in the butt at times, but 95% of the time it’s amazing. My advice, practice patience, see what you can do about learning about the culture. Even though it might not seem too different, you’d be surprised! Lean on each other when you need to. Enjoy the ride! I do have a few posts on moving abroad, specifically on what “they” don’t tell you about moving. If I can be of any help at all, please reach out! http://www.awanderlustforlife.com/category/expat-life/

Ohh so good to know!!! and you are right i need to assimilate myself as much as possible!! and gong to read everything now!!!!

This is awesome! You guys are going to have so much fun!!

YES! haha we are excited!

Congrats! Sounds so exciting! Good luck with it and I hope you have a full and prosperous life in your new home 🙂


So very excited for you. As a non-use (sometimes) blogger I am super pumped to see you headed overseas. Having travelled a bit myself and reading your criteria, my guess? Netherlands … and if not, defo somewhere in Europe.

OMG! How exciting!! I’ve just committed to a study abroad program but ugh living abroad would be a dream! So excited to see where this new path takes you!
x Kenzie // Kenzieblogslife.blogspot.com

eeek that’s amazing!!

Oh my goodness how exciting, I would be scared silly if it was me, but then I don’t handle change very well although I am improving, but moving to another country isn’t something I could image doing I would have to take my parents, siblings, children and grandchildren with me…………..lol

haha it will be a big step for sure!

This is so exciting. I can’t wait to follow along on your journey! You have sparked my desires to live and travel abroad once again 🙂

thank you so much! And I’m thrilled to hear that 🙂

I am so excited for you! I can’t wait to journey along with you and Michael on the interwebs and definitely had to peruse the comments to see if anyone asked about Millie & Hugo.

haha yes! I knew that would be a question 🙂 but of course!!!

I totally knew this was going to be the news! So exciting! What an adventure you and Michael will have. I’m thinking Germany or maybe Prague or Amsterdam/Holland.

Good guesses!! thanks so much 🙂

WOW! So exciting!! I am so glad you’re gonna blog through it all. I definitely can’t wait to find out where you’re going. I’m sure you’ll cover it at some point but what will you do with your dogs? Take them with you I take it? That’s gotta be a lot of hoops to jump through!

Yes but it’s worth it to have them there! I will be revealing soon!!

I am soooo happy for you guys!! I can’t wait to read all about it!!

Thanks Ashlee!! we are beyond excited 🙂

I bet!! I’m excited for you 🙂

So exciting!!! good for you to follow your heart and go. Can’t wait to follow the journey!

Thank you Marsha! it was a big leap of faith but I can’t wait!

I’m expecting Germany…because that is where I have been longing to move and it would make me so jealous of you!!! This is SO awesome! Congratulations!

Thanks so much Amanda!! I just am ready to go!!

You know what girly, I had a feeling that this was going to be the big news! 🙂 As to where… hmm. I’m thinking Germany, possibly? Or somewhere in Europe at least!

haha you know me too well!! And that’s a good guess!!

I’m so jealous and even more excited for you! I want to travel outside of the country so badly but never have. I’ve actually been considering going abroad at least once before I graduate, even if it’s for a week or two. I followed on Snapchat (I already have you on Insta ?)! I can’t wait to hear more!

xo, Kimberly

YOU HAVE TO! It’s seriously the best thing ever!!

What an exciting time in your lives. This is one of my dreams as well. Now I’m dying to know where you’re going!


I promise to tell all soon 🙂

Congratulations on the big move!!! I absolutely love to travel and it would be a dream to be able to live abroad.

I’m nervous but I think it will be totally worth it!!

Wow! This is so cool! I’m so excited for you and just a little jealous. I’m so glad we get to follow along for all the pictures! ?

haha thanks Bonnie!! I’m really pumped!!

Congratulations!! I’m so excited for y’all and can’t wait to follow the journey!

Thank you so so much Caitlin!! we are thrilled 🙂

Congrats, Helene and Michael! I’m excited for you both and I look forward to following your journey. Now my move across town doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming. 🙂 Blessings!

haha moving is still hard- no matter what!! thanks so much!

Wow you have guts. I wish I could do this. I have a few bucket list places to visit but as I told hubby I want to stay at both of them for at least a month to six months. I will definitely live through you during your journey. Now to figure out where you are moving. I’m going to post the three places I would go: Greece, Italy and England. Looking forward to your hints.

Oh that’s an awesome idea!! Oh those are all awesome places!!

What an amazing adventure, Helene! SO excited for you!

I’m so excited- thanks Olya!

AWESOME!! Seriously, the best thing I ever did was live in London for 6 years. It’s an amazing adventure – and so eye opening – to live outside of the US. You are gonna love it!! Biggest tips are to learn to navigate the city transport from day one, make friends with locals, and also to find an expat community – that’s particularly helpful for celebrating holidays away from home etc. We had a crew we did Thanksgivings and Fourths of July with, it made me far less homesick on those occasions we couldn’t get back to be with family. Can’t wait to see where you’re going…!!

all awesome tips- thank you so so much! London is amazing! how cool!! Thanks so much!!

Lol okay I’m glad someone asked about the dogs because literally my first thought was “SHE WOULD NEVER LEAVE HER DOGS!!!” Of course not!! This is so awesome though!! My husband and I have moved around the past 4-ish years (not abroad, just here) and we finally had “enough” and decided we wanted to settle down…in Dallas actually, lol (not from here just love it) and already we’re like…”hm what about Arizona for a bit?” Lol. There’s something just so totally…exciting about going somewhere new. And talk about a growing experience! I don’t know if I’m ballsy enough to live abroad though, I get a little overwhelmed by that. But wow. This is just awesome. (I could probably say that over and over lol.) PLEASE tell us soon where!! I have no guesses haha.
Morning Apple

Yes, no way!! haha. Dallas is the best I think we’ll go back there eventually :). Going somewhere new is just SO fun!! I am nervous, but it will be fun!!!

Oh my glob, so exciting! I can’t wait to hear where you guys are heading!

hahaha oh my glob. I promise to reveal that so so soon!!!

GIRL. That’s so exciting! I’m looking forward to following along your journey! I can’t wait to find out where your moving. Think of all the cute Instagram pictures to come in your time abroad! I’m over the moon for you!

haha yes, so many instas!!! lol! Thank you Eloise!

So exciting!! Congrats and best of luck!!

thank you so much!! i can’t wait 🙂

That’s exciting! Where are you going?

Gotta wait for the next blog post!

I’m so thrilled for you! This is huge, but it also makes perfect sense, knowing your love of travel. Can’t wait to follow along!

Thank you so so much!! we are so pumped!!

AHH!! YES! I’m so excited for you! : ) More good, juicy posts to get me through these work days!!

hahah YES! Hopefully I’ll have many more to come!

I had a feeling this would be the big news…Congrats!!! Living abroad is one of the greatest things D and I ever did in our lives and we fondly look back on those 3 years all the time. Also keeps you nice and well-rounded in this ever-changing world we live in. And you’re right, living there is SO much different than just visiting!

My best expat tip? Just go with the flow with EVERYTHING. At least with regards to living in Europe, typical everyday processes like registering your car or getting a parking permit for your neighborhood can take much longer or have ridiculous steps you can barely wrap your mind around. Be patient and things will slowly become easier to navigate! And always try to speak the native language, even if the locals won’t let you (they love practicing their English in some cases, too). You guys are going to have a total blast! My guess is New Zealand or South Africa. 😉 Looking forward to following along! Safe travels and good luck!

Girl i’m not going to lie, I have been secretly binge reading your blog!! such freaking awesome advice. i need to go with the flow more in my life than ever haha!! We are taking the language right now!!

Haha nice! Well, if you ever need specific questions answered that might apply to whatever destination you guys end up at abroad, feel free to email me! I might not know the answer, but could point you in the direction of someone who does. 🙂 Exciting times!

OMG this is soooo cool! I hope you’re coming to the Netherlands, can’t think of another country in Europe where the people speak as much English as we do ;-). Wel maybe Germany… But I hope it’s the Netherlands! Good luck with all the arrangements!

Good guess!! I do love both :)! Thanks so much Susanne!!

omg how awesome! will this blog then turn into a travel blog or will you make a travel blog! how awesome!!! what a great step for you guys!

I always blog about my life. I never put myself into a category 🙂

I’m a Texas gal who moved to the Philippines and am now living in amsterdam! Definitely interested in hearing where y’all are headed to. Let me know if you need any tips/tricks for the move. Happy to share my knowledge! Xx

Omg you’re the coolest!! I need alllllllll of the tips. ALL OF THEM.

Amy @ The Crazy Wise Woman

Super exciting and I am so jealous. This kind of gives me hope though about truly being able to do anything you set your mind to!

YES! You seriously can! thanks for the support 🙂

OMG! This is so exciting Helene!!!! I cannot wait to follow your abroad adventures!!!!



I am so excited for y’all! I can’t wait to see and read about all your many adventures to come!

Thanks so much Dara!! I am beyond excited 🙂

I love that you still manage to be a tease 🙂 SO EXCITED FOR YALL!

you know I have to!!!! 😉 :)!!!

Congrats on this new and exciting adventure!!!

Oh thank you Erin, your support means everything!!

Ahh! I’m so excited for you! And I have no idea where you’ll be living. I’m gonna guess Florence. Haha gah! I’m so excited!

Ohh great guess!! I can’t wait to tell you!!

THIS.IS.AH-MAZING. i’m so happy for you guys! live your dreams!!!!
my guess is Austrailia!

Ohh good guess!!! thanks so much for the support Kelly!

First thought was holy crap. Then as I read I wanted to cry haha. This is amazing and I’m glad I’ve been following you long enough to have followed your path to now. I wish you the best of luck. I’m excited for the adventures you’ll take and I know you’ll make every one feel as if we’re right there with you. You have been incredibly inspirin but this takes the cake. You go girl!

Thank you so so much and for all the support! I am just so excited but blown away by the support. Thanks friend!

Really exciting! I need to know where!

Are the Sula kids going?

haha I know, sorry!! And OF COURSE!! I’m glad you’re concerned about that though. THose dogs are my children and I wouldn’t leave without them – they were our first priority!

so exciting! can’t wait to read more blog posts all about it!

Thanks so much Kenzie!! I promise to reveal more soooooon!

This is wonderful! I glad you mentioned how much planning goes into moving abroad! My biggest tip is to living as an expat is listen to the locals. If they are advising you avoid or enjoy a spot listen bc they really want you to be safe and welcome you there.

YES! That is awesome awesome advice!!! thanks Ally!!

Ahhh congrats!! I’m beyond excited for you!!

Thanks so much Ady! Can’t believe it’s happening!

I can’t even guess WHERE you’re going, but “moving abroad” was definitely my first thought when I got the email this morning. Pregnancy didn’t even enter my mind lol. I’m so excited for you two and am looking forward to all the posts about life outside of the US!


haha nope, not pregnant- not sure if ANYONE was surprised by that!! thanks Candace!!

I’m so excited for you guys and can’t wait to live and travel vicariously through you! haha

haha yes Logan!! thanks so much!!

So, so exciting! London? Sydney? Can’t wait to hear more!

Those are good guesses for sure 🙂

Helene, I am so happy for you and Michael! I can’t wait to follow along in all your new adventures and I wish you the best of luck with your sale and safe travels! You’re truly an inspiration to me!

Thank you so so much Raechal! That is so so kind!

SO SO SO beyond proud of you. You and Michael are both so dedicated and amazing. You set your mind to making this happen and here you are now! I cannot wait to follow along. Thank the lord for the internet so that we’ll be able to keep up with everything!!

Seriously, thank the lord for the internet. How else would I be able to bug you all day? Even if it’s different time zones!! Thanks for all your support. You’re the best.

I am so excited for you! I just got back from 3 weeks in Europe and loved it and would love to find a way to travel more! I can’t wait to hear where you’re going.

Oh that’s so amazing!! I just love it there, it’s like a different world!

So exciting! I can’t wait. I kind of want to guess asia, but I’m not sure! Good luck 🙂

How exciting. Looking forward to reading your next post. Maybe you are coming to Ireland!

That’s a good guess!! thanks so much Hilda!

Oh how exciting!! I really, really want to move to London. Sadly, the husband is not on board with this plan. Can’t wait to hear where you guys land!

It’s hard to get everyone on board! London is amazing!!

I am so excited for you! May your estate sale be profitable, your trip safe, and your life abroad as wonderful as your wildest dreams.

haha that is all i can ask for!! thank you so so much!

Wow, excited to see all the posts about this in the future! This is something I’ve always thought about doing, but know that even the best spontaneous trip needs a little planning to be successful! Can’t wait to see where you decide to go!

So true Alexis!! I promise to reveal soon 🙂

SO exciting!!! Can’t wait to read all about your adventures! Are the furry ones going with you??

You know it!! can’t leave the kids behind!

So excited and happy for you Helene! Can’t wait to find out where you’re headed!
Much love, Hayle


Thanks so much Hayle!! I can’t wait to share!!

This is so exciting!!!! Can’t wait to follow along on all your amazing adventures! 🙂

Thanks so much!! I can’t believe it’s real!!

I’m so happy for you and Michael. You get to live your dream and that’s incredible! I’ve never been anywhere. I know I won’t ever get to, but reading your blog helps visualize what it would be like to have a life where dreams come true. I am happier for you than you will ever know. Truly. Cheers to your new adventure!

Oh Tiffany, you are so kind and supportive. I do hope you know you can make your dreams come true. I’m sorry you feel that way but I do appreciate your kindness 🙂

I wasn’t trying to be emo, I promise:) I really am super thrilled for you!

no really! I appreciate your kind words:)

This makes me so excited for you two! I can’t wait to read more about it & follow along on this new adventure!

thanks so so much Bri!!! we can’t wait!!

That’s amazing !!! Can’t wait to read more about it and follow you all on this big adventure! But…what about Hugo and Millie?!?

I’m also curious about the pups! My furbaby is the only thing that’s kept me from moving abroad, so let me know how you guys are dealing with this! 🙂

You guys, you know me! My dogs are my kids! They are coming with of course 🙂 I’ll talk more about this, promise!!

What a fun adventure! So exciting you both get to do this together!
I cannot wait to read all about the adventures to come!

Oh thanks you Lisa!! I can’t believe it’s actually happening!

Heleeeene!!!! This is amazing! So happy to see your dreams coming true!

Thank you so so much Jamie!! I really appreciate it 🙂

I’m so excited for you! I spent my first two years out of school working in France. Best decision I could have made! I didn’t totally get over my wanderlust travel bug, but now I’m ready to put down roots and travel extensively within the US. Marriage and a baby nephew have both helped me form that desire.

That is so awesome!! Traveling within the US is so awesome! I want to do that when we come back!

That is amazing! I can’t wait to find out where you are going! I’d move in a heartbeat if my husband would go.

it’s hard to make all the pieces fit, for sure! this has been a long time coming!

Nancy Evans Wolff

How exciting, I can’t wait to read more!

Thanks Nancy! there is much more to come 🙂

So exciting! It sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime and amazing adventure you both will have together.

Beautifully Candid

Sometimes you just have to create your own opportunities and just do it!! we figured, there’s no time like now!!

I’m so excited for you!!! Congratulations! ?

Oh thanks Melissa! you are so sweet!!

That is amazing news!! Congratulations to you both on making this fun and exciting decision! Can’t wait to follow along! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

Thanks so much Biana!! I can’t believe it’s really happening!!

This is incredible! Very much looking forward to living vicariously through your adventures abroad! 🙂

Oh thank you! I am so excited to share on the blog 🙂

Congratulations! This is awesome. I’m really excited for you. I’d love to hear the process of how you narrowed down your final selection! I think it’s a really cool glimpse into something many of us dream of – “if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?”

I will definitely be posting about that 🙂 !! thanks so so much!

So exciting!!!!!! I have to ask because I’m a pet Mom…..are Millie and Hugo going, too?

I would never not bring the #sulakids 🙂

I had to see if someone asked this question too! Haha! Best of luck and safe travels to the Sula household! I can’t wait to follow along!!

I was seriously about to type out the same!

I was thinking the same thing! haha

Wow that’s so exciting Helene! Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures overseas!

thanks so so much! I’m beyond pumped!!

Congrats, Helene! I related to how you feel about the 10 day vacations just not cutting it- my husband and I are doing the same thing and heading to Europe August 4th! The hardest part has definitely been saying goodbye to family and friends. Congrats on taking the leap, and i can’t wait to follow along with your adventures.

Oh that’s so so soon! How exciting!!! I am currently reading all of your posts. love your stuff. your blog name is amazing. also, your social media links are broken because i’m trying to follow you!!

Thanks, Helene! My blog is still a work in progress, but your blog has been such a huge help. It should be all fixed now!

This is AMAZING! I would LOVE to be overseas friends! My husband and I are moving overseas August 9th just for the SAME reasons! And we are so excited!!! So glad to see others doing the same thing!


Yes! Let’s connect via email or FB!!!

Thank you thank you for this post!! I too cannot live far away from my mom but have wanted to move back to Cali for so long and am finally doing it next Summer (she lives here in NC), so this post just solidified that I need to just do it! My goal is to be able to blog full time by then too and travel 🙂 Congrats on your move! I can’t wait to see all your adventures! Your dogs are going to love living somewhere new!! Xox

yes! haha the pups are going to be abroad- they’ll love it! and so glad this post inspired you 🙂

aw! What part of Cali?

Oh my goodness this is absolutely exciting!! CONGRATS!! I can’t wait to follow along with your new adventure and new season!! Excited to hear where you will be calling a city across the pond your home! 🙂

Thanks Rebecca! I am so nervous and excited!!

that is fantastic news and hmmm does Tomorrowland actually allow you to live there??

bahahaha this might be my favorite comment yet!!!

I had a feeling this was the big news 😉 How exciting for you guys I can’t wait to follow along on your adventure and see where it takes you!!

Oh thanks friend. I know you’ve made it happen and it’s been so amazing. so exciting to actually do it!

This sounds so exciting. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for so long but life gets in the way. One of these days I’m going to do it. Thanks for the inspiration. Ablakaythoughts.blogspot.com

Life definitely gets in the way- I understand!!! Thanks for your support 🙂

I’ve been following along with your hints along the way. I also thought you were going to move abroad (it’s just SO you!). My first thought was what about the pups – I’m a dog mom myself, so of course that was my first thought. Now I cant wait for you to reveal the big location!

Congrats on the HUGE move!

haha I guess I’m not so stealthy after all!! but I tried! haha I am bringing the dogs… DUH! they are like our kids, don’t you worry!!

How awesome! I can’t wait to follow along! My guess is somewhere in Italy? Or even Prague!!

Awesome guesses 🙂 You’ll have to wait and see!!!!!

Eee so exciting! My guess is New Zealand!

Ohh good guess!! I think i’ll have to tell you next week 🙂

Living abroad is the best decision I’ve ever made! Good luck!

I’ve LOVED seeing your travels! can’t wait to travel more!!

OH MY GOD, Helene! How exciting is this?! Moving to another state is one thing, but moving abroad is a completely different story! You’re definitely living THE LIFE! Good luck, and we look forward to hear more about your adventures!

thanks so much my friend! we are beyond excited!

Yay!!! You will be so thankful you did! Living abroad with my husband was probably the best decision we ever made! And now I am itching to move over to Europe. Maybe after our first (or second child) we will bite the bullet and jump across the pond. How did you get the visa?! where are you going?!

Oh that’s so good to know! And that’s for another post 🙂 Gotta keep you coming back for more!!

I saw a few other guesses for Germany, and that was what ran through my head when I heard your list of requirements too. I specifically thought Berlin – my favorite city (so far)! 🙂

I’ve never been!! I can’t wait to tell y’all!!!

AWESOME! <3 That is such exciting news. Hmmm. Are you moving to Ireland or Japan? HA! Those are two places I want to visit!

I have been to Ireland, never Japan- that doesn’t mean I won’t move there haha!!

That’s a good guess for sure!

Wow, congratulations! Can’t wait to hear about where you’re moving to. Best of luck for the move!

Thanks so much Nikki! I am beyond excited!

This is so exciting! Moving abroad is such a wonderful life experience, I seriously cannot wait to follow your adventures all over the world! Yay yay yay!

I can’t believe it’s really happening. I’m nervous but so so thrilled!

Congratulations! This is so exciting! Living abroad is a dream of mine, and I hope I get to follow in your footsteps soon. My guess is Australia! Can’t wait to hear where y’all are making the big move.

That’s a good guess!! Thanks so much Tiffany 🙂

Oh my gosh, so amazing! I can’t wait to find out where and see your adventure on here!


Thanks so much Kate!! We are beyond excited 🙂

That is amazing!! My ultimate dream. I can’t wait to see where you guys move to! 🙂

Oh thanks Mia! I plan to document how we did it all 🙂

WOW Helene that’s so exciting!!! Congrats! I can’t WAIT to see all your blog posts about the process, as it’s something I’ve been considering as well.

oh really?! any place in particular?! Thanks girl!

I was considering Brighton, England, because I love the UK AND it’s so easy to jet to other European locations from London.

I can’t wait to read all about your adventures abroad & I can’t wait to find out where y’all have decided to live!

EEk, thanks! it was a looooong process but totally worth it!

I say somewhere in Germany because the freelance visa is pretty easy to get as well as jobs 🙂 Plus, most people speak English and it has a good geographical position (and hey, I’m moving to Hamburg the middle of August!)

Also, I’ve moved abroad multiple times to various countries (UK/Scotland, Germany, Croatia, and Bulgaria) so feel free to hit me up for any advice! I speak pretty good German so I can definitely help you on that front, if needed!

I’m definitely hitting you up! sounds like you know what’s up!!!

SO exciting Helene! Can’t wait to read all about your adventures – I’ll be living vicariously through you!

Thanks girl!! we are so pumped!

Wow!!! Congrats 🙂 Can’t wait to find out where!!!!

I know!! I PROMISE I will reveal soon, sorry to leave you hanging!!

What an adventure 🙂

Christine at GVK

This is freaking HUGE!!!!!!! LOL! So happy for the reveal freaking finally, you big tease!!! JK, this is excellent blog news and I’m so happy for you.

I KNOW! haha I was a tease for sure! But we couldn’t, honestly, because of life 🙂 but so excited to finally have it out there in the world!

It seems like forever ago since we talked about this and now here it is, for the world to see – makes it more real or something. YAY!! I am so excited for you guys. A budget post would be awesome, if you have time one day – how you decided how much you needed to save to move and all of that 🙂

That is a BRILLIANT idea. Absolutely. Thank you so much for that. And thanks for being such a great friend and not telling anyone 🙂

Well I told John 🙂 He was the same as me, first thing he asked about was the dogs because I always show him your snapchats haha.
A budget post would be neat, I mean, I wouldn’t even know where to start trying to figure out cost of living in a different city, let alone a different CONTINENT.

That’s the first thing I thought of too, lol

Good for you! That’s so exciting! Can’t wait to read more

Thanks so much Ashley, much more to come!

Congratulations! How exciting! I have never even been overseas, just down to the Caribbean, but I can’t wait to read all about it! 🙂

That still counts! we are so excited. I haven’t been a LOT of places and hope to go to, well, ALL of them!

Ahhhhh I had a feeling the reveal had something to do with travel! This is soooo exciting and inspiring! You go Helene (and Michael)! Way to leave us hanging about where you’re moving to haha. Can’t wait to hear more. 🙂

haha you KNOW I had to do it!! thanks so much Setarra!

Ahhhhhh! Helene, that’s so exciting! I can’t wait to keep up with your adventures abroad!

eek thanks so much Lindsey!! that means a lot, honestly I’m worried people might be like oh she’s moving, cya later blog!

My guess is Germany since it’s in the middle of Europe, but maybe I’m wrong. I can’t believe you are doing this! It’s so exciting and I can’t wait to see what else you have planned!

Any guess is a good guess!!! I honestly can’t believe we are doing this either, I feel crazy with excitement haha!

Girl I am just so thrilled for you! Live your dream and soak up the world!

thank you friend, you are so supportive!! thank you so much!!

yayy congrats helene!! this is so awesome and exciting.

Thanks so much my friend :). I am a ball of nerves, excitement, and happiness!

I’m so excited for you! I’ve always wanted to travel, and moving abroad would be a dream come true. I cannot wait to know where you’ll be going!

Amelie | http://awanderersadventures.com

This has felt like such a long time coming, I can’t believe it’s finally happening!

You go, Helene and Michael! I’m so happy for you in making this thrilling decision. It’s something that I would dream of doing someday. Your story is inspiring, and I can’t wait to follow along with you on your new adventure!

oh thanks so much Emily! that really means so so much! We are beyond excited!

Congratulations, Helene! I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures and the move abroad. It really is inspiring to see someone taking a giant leap to live the life they truly want. Way to go you two!

Ahh thanks friend. That was the goal, we just had to do it- even if this is CRAZY!

That’s awesome, Helene! Congratulations and I’m looking forward to seeing where you two wind up!

I honestly cannot even believe where we’re going, it’s like a dream!!

Woah this is awesome – good for you for just going for it! There will be some exciting times ahead I’m sure 🙂


That’s the goal! I’m sure it will be a roller coaster!

Congratulations!! This is so exciting!

Thanks Mallory!! we are beyond excited 🙂

Stop that is SOOO awesome and always a dream of my husband and mine as well! Can’t wait to follow the big adventure my friend! xo

oh really?! any place in particular?! We’re just so pumped!!

umm EVERYWHERE ha! I’m partial to Italy but I studied abroad over there for a few months in college. 🙂 But anywhere you go is worth it girl!

oh i totally agree!!! i think where we picked is perfect for us! 😉

I KNEW IT! Congratulations to you both! This is so exciting. Can’t wait to hear where you go!

haha dangit! I thought I was stealthy!! but i’m so pumped!! can’t wait!!

This is awesome news!!!! I’m so excited for you guys. Congrats!!!

thanks Steph!!!! I honestly am scared and nervous but I cannot wait!!

So happy for you guys! Congrats!!

Thanks Ashten! I can’t believe this is really happening!

I had a feeling this is what your news was! Congratulations this is so major! I can’t wait to hear where you are settling into as your main hub!

haha really!? I felt like I was so sneaky :)! I’m so excited!!

Oh my gosh . . . this is the most exciting news ever! I am so thrilled for you both and impressed that you are living out your dreams! Do it now . . . before kids and the thought of retirement planning looms too close! And I’m super excited that we will all get to read along and experience the adventure through you! I have one worry/question: what about Hugo and Millie?

Eeek thanks Amy!! we are so so excited! We felt like, if not now, when?! And the pups are coming with us, of course!!!

Phew . . . glad your dogs get to travel too! I can’t wait to hear the “home base” location!!!!

YES! They are like my kids afterall!!

Congratulations, that is so freaking amazing! I want to travel more, but I honestly don’t know if I could move to another country! I’d be so terrified! You’re my hero!

Sometimes I think, I just gotta do it, or I’ll never know! I am scared, believe me! but i’m just so excited!!

Well I am so excited for you!

Whoa, this is so awesome! Congratulations. You’re very lucky!

I’d call it hard work haha! we’ve been planning this for YEARS!!

Just a figure of speech, I promise! No harm intended 🙂

haha oh i know i know! I’m just already overwhelmed but life’s supposed to be like that 🙂 thanks girl!!

So excited for you guys! You’re really taking life into your own hands and I think that’s just the best. I can’t wait to read about all of your adventures!

I honestly cannot believe this is really, finally happening!

How exciting!! There are so many great cities out there, I don’t know how I’d be able to pick which one to move to. I can’t wait to hear more 🙂

girl, you’re right about that!! it was SO hard for us to narrow it down but we were just finally like… OKAY! haha

Congratulations!!! This is going to be so amazing for you guys! I’m super jealous! I hope to follow in your footsteps one day!!

I’m nervous and excited and can’t believe it’s REALLY happening!

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