Despite telling myself I wouldn't post today, I couldn't help it. I had to commemorate today in some way. I sit, writing this in the wee hours of the morning. The sun hasn't come up yet, but here I sit, typing.

Today I am moving to Germany. I have two suitcases full of mostly clothes and, let's face it, lipstick. Exactly, zero heels, because, no.  (P.S. will be doing a full post on how I packed my entire life into two suitcases that are each under 50 pounds.) I have two dogs, who I hope can make it through this 10 hour flight without peeing. I have the love and support of many friends, family, and I think, readers.

One year ago, I wrote a post titled, “The Big Leap.” It was about our move to Nashville from Dallas. I had yet to live anywhere but Dallas and it was a huge transition. But it was one that I knew, if all went right, would lead to moving abroad. It seems every post I wrote echoed back to this big plan. And now it's coming to fruition.

This hasn't been an easy process. This has been hard and fun and crazy and sad. We lost Michael's mom just a few days after our scheduled departure. Hugo cut his foot and needed stitches. Millie got sick (these are our dogs in case you're new!).

I'm scatterbrained right now. I keep trying to think about what to do, what I haven't done, and what I need to just leave behind. It's hard. What if everything falls apart? What if we don't find a place to live? I have to just think about the now and work on the tasks at hand. I am scared. I am excited. I am all of the above.

I've been getting a lot of questions about the move, so I'm just going to answer them right here, right now:

Why are you moving?

We really want to see the world. Michael and I love traveling and basically have been concocting this plan for the last few years. We don't have kids (unless you count the dogs) and we are financially independent. We just had to go for it.

But it's more than that. I have always thought that life was meant to be something more. I've struggled with my purpose in life, just like everyone else. I've wondered what path to take and where to begin. I've always thought life should go a certain way. But it doesn't always play out like that.

One thing I know for sure, my favorite parts of life are the memories I create. Collecting the moments that mean so much to me. That has always been more important than physical objects.


I'm entranced by those that have moved abroad. I see them in a romanticized way- although I know it's not always perfect.

I always wanted to see the world. I hope I collect all of these memories and tell you all about it on this blog.

Why did you pick Germany?

I outlined that here in detail. We picked Europe because we want to see all of Europe. We've been fortunate enough to go many times but it's always so rush, this is a way to really explore.

Are you bringing the dogs?

Yes. They are like our kids. The paperwork to get them over has been extensive and once I'm over there I'll be writing a post on alllllll that.

Are you crazy?

Yes and no. Yes, because aren't we all? This is kind of crazy to move my life in just two suitcases but if I don't go for it now, I might never do it.

Will you be posting about your travels?

Of course!! The best place to follow along is going to be the blog (of course!) and Instagram: @heleneinbetween. (P.S. find out what my new hashtag is!!)

I am feeling so many emotions right now. I can't believe this is actually happening…. it doesn't even seem real! Thank you so so so much to everyone that has wished me (us) well. It really does mean a lot!