We’re Moving To….

Where would you go if you could live anywhere in the world? Anywhere?

That's the question Michael and I have pondered for the last few years. Where? At first, I dreamed of sandy beaches and lukewarm temperatures. Michael thought of cascading mountain streams and outdoor sports galore. We decided to make a list of everything we wanted/needed/would love in a place where we live.

If this is your first time reading my blog or haven't stopped by in a while, last week I announced that I'm moving abroad! I've dropped hints on Instagram and Snapchat. A LOT of you guessed Asia or Australia. But we knew we wanted Europe from the start.



A LOT went into deciding on a location. Here's how we broke it down:

– Europe. Why? We like the idea of traveling through Europe. There are so many places I want visit and/or revisit. I love Europe. I feel like I'm in another world there. I get teary eyed thinking about the five-week summers I spent abroad with my family in middle and high school. Europe also has an awesome music scene (yes, that was also a criteria). The ease of travel is a big plus. Which brings me to our next requirement…

Easy traveling. We love Europe's amazing rail system and cheap flights. We will have the dogs with us (OF COURSE we are bringing the dogs), so the train system allows us to take our dogs along. We also wanted an opportunity to meander across the landscape.

A little English speaking. Being in a country where people speak at least a little English would help. We looked hard at Prague and France but English isn't as common there.

Strong economy. Since we're going to be living and working there, we wanted a destination with a stable economy.

Centrally located. I LOVE Amsterdam and the Greek islands, but these aren't as convenient for exploring the rest of Europe, so we nixed those areas pretty quickly.

Cost effective. We've tried to save a lot of money (see an idea of how much here, promise to go into a full post on this), but we didn't want to squander it all in one year by living in an extremely expensive area. The plan is to stay two or three years, depending. So Paris was out, as was Switzerland.

– Big city, but not too big. Both native Dallasites,  now living in Nashville, we are used to  relatively big cities, where we have easy access to entertainment, jobs, transportation and so on.

Feels “European.” This may sound silly but we wanted to live in a place that feels like Europe. Something that offers a real living abroad experience. With all that in mind, we decided on a country pretty quickly; one with a strong European flair.

So we decided on……


Heidelberg, Germany!

Located in Southern Germany, very centrally located, Heidelberg has a great music scene, a great university, is only 20 minutes from Frankfurt (one of the largest airports in the world), and, since it escaped being bombed in World War II, it has maintained it's old world charm. It's still paved with cobblestone streets, has a beautiful castle and a river running through it. The word that springs to mind is picturesque. Take a look:



Hi, I'm moving here.

I am so excited I could cry. I cannot wait. And since Michael and I have both NEVER been to Germany, we'll have a lot to learn. Including German. We are currently enrolled in a German class, which is proving to be slightly overwhelming. We chose Germany for several aforementioned reasons, but also because Germany's freelance Visa program makes it a bit easier on Americans moving abroad. I will be writing about that process (still currently in progress). You wouldn't even believe how much has gone into this. Yeah, we've been busy. But a fun busy. Totally worth it.

[powr-map id=83492662_1468273063]

We have SO much to do, it's insane. Before we move I am going to two weddings, to San Francisco and to Dallas. I'm working on a fun surprise I'll write about later this week.

So, what do you think?! Did you guess right? Have you been there? Tips, advice, anything? I'm all ears. We do not have a place to live yet. Life as we know it is about to get interesting …


I stumbled upon your blog and had to leave a comment. Especially since I am actually from Germany but moved to the US almost three years ago. I just thought it was nice to see an American move to my home country. I hope you are having a great time and that you are enjoying Heidelberg!

Congrats! You are both so adventurous

So exciting! I cannot wait to hear/read all about your travels.

So exciting!! I found your blog through Bloglovin’ and couldn’t believe when I read this post. I moved to Germany 6 months ago from Michigan. I’m about an hour south of Heidelberg and blog about our experiences at roomforgelato.com ! You will love it here. The people are great, the transportation si easy and, ironically, the Italian restaurants are amazing. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to ask!! Jessica

I just moved to Frankfurt from Michigan in May! I will definitely have to check out your blog soon!

I can’t believe I’m only seeing this post now!! I’m really excited that you’ve decided to move to Heidelberg – I’ve been living here for the past five years and I think it’s going to make such a lovely base for you and Michael in Europe! If you ever need a local’s advice on life here, please let me know! 🙂 I’m sure some else has mentioned it in the comments already, but as far as the Heidelberg expat community is concerned, you should totally contact Margo from The Overseas Escape or Jordan from Beertime with Wagner, if you haven’t already. Both sadly don’t live in Heidelberg anymore, but can surely give you some good advice on getting used to life in Germany from an American perspective! 🙂 I hope everything goes smoothly with the move! 🙂

This is amazing!! So happy for you! Can’t wait to see all of your adventures unfold. 🙂

Thank you so much Amanda!

I went to Heidelberg last November and LOVED it! It looked like something out of a fairytale! Very picturesque, that’s for sure. You will love it! I’m actually trying to move to Europe as well! Would love to hear more about the freelance Visa program. Looking into it NOW! 🙂

I can’t wait to see it- less than a month away!! Where are you moving?

As my husband is German it is safe to say that I love Germany, it is such a beautiful country.


Can’t wait to explore it!!

Oh Wow! How exciting! I moved from California to London, England and what an amazing experience it has been. It will be like starting a whole new life, everything is brand new. But i didn’t have to learn the language lol! My husband and I are now ready to move and we’re looking at Thailand.

I am sure you have made the best decision of your lives. Best of luck ?

congrats Helene! I hope it is everything you want and more. Congrats!

How exciting!!!! It would be so cool to live in Germany for awhile. One of my really good friends is from Germany. She is still actually considered a German citizen even though she has been here for a long time. I cant even imagine learning a new language at this point in my life, but it is so cool to try!

I am SO excited for you! It’s been a longtime dream of mine to live in Germany — my great grandparents immigrated from there, which inspired me to take German for four years in high school — so I will definitely be living vicariously through your blog! Best of luck!

Holly | http://theblondechiffon.com

The idea of moving abroad stresses me out, I wouldn’t even know where to start! It sounds like you guys have it all (or mostly, at least) figured out though! What a beautiful destination, that photo is jaw dropping gorgeous!
I hope you guys find a place to live soon. It seemed very nonchalant the way you threw that in there in the end, are you freaking out?
So excited for you girl! Can’t wait to see more posts and especially more photos once you get out there! Best of luck to you guys, so happy for you! <3

Anything big is stressful, but usually worth it!

Nope, not freaking out. I just feel like we’ll figure it out. I mean, with the advent of Air BnB it’s not like we’ll be o the street!! Thanks so much! We are pumped!

Yayyyyyy I’m sooooo excited for you guys (even though I was guessing/hoping Prague and was wrong, haha). I haven’t been to Heidelberg but I’ve loved every trip to Germany, and I’ve heard it is a great city for expats! I can’t wait to follow along!!! Also interested to hear about your freelance visa process since my husband would LOVE to move to Germany!

I do love Prague, that was big on our list! I will definitely updating about that!

Well I didn’t guess Germany but that is an awesome country!! My hubs lived in Berlin for several years and always wants to go back. I don’t know Heidelberg but I had employees in Frankfurt (back in my corporate days) and to your point, most Germans speak very good English. Good for you for trying to pick up German though! I think you will love it!!! (Be prepared for the shock of filing US taxes as an expat, if you haven’t heard already…quite literally had been considering relinquishing citizenship by the end of my sixth year abroad because it was so painful after a while ugh).
PS I also only intended to live in London for 2 years…Then two became six without even blinking and I’d probably still be in Europe if I hadn’t had kiddos!!! Ha! You’ll just fall in love with everything over there ?? I’m so excited for you! I can’t wait to follow along!!

I feel like your plans to find a place to live would be great for HGTV international house hunters!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

This is amazing Helene! Following these updates closely!!

Love, love, love!! So excited for you (and for me to follow along with you on your adventure).

This is insanely exciting!!!!! I cannot wait to follow you along on this journey! You are totally inspiring girl.

Thanks so much friend!! I am really excited 🙂

It sounds like the BEST place for you guys! Cannot wait to follow along in this magical place!

Thanks so much!! we are so thrilled. it took a LOT of researching 🙂

Ah! I’ve been to Heidelberg and you’re going to love it! I remember walking through it and thinking I’d love to live there some day 🙂 There are so many cute stores and sites! We took a train to a really high cliff and you’ll be able to see pretty much the entire city from there! It has a beautiful view 🙂
You’ll Love It!

No way?! So awesome, I cannot wait!

You can do it! My Dad moved to Germany for two years and he learned the language so I know y’all can! (Not that my Dad’s a dummy or anything lol) He was in the Northern part of the country though otherwise I’d have him give me recs for you!

We are trying for sure!! I think once we get immersed in it hopefully it will become easier!

I guess the notion of moving abroad itself is so exciting, that it doesn’t matter the places being switched. I am on he path of moving to Canada from India and I can feel the same excitement in your writing. All the best for your new destination. 🙂 Have fun.

Thanks so much! And good luck to you on your travels!

I love Heidelberg! Good luck!

Well, I’ve never been!! this will be a big journey 🙂

Oh how exciting do you speak German oh will you hopefully learn when you are there? My daughter and partner have thought of moving to Canada for a couple of years not sure if they will or not but they have talked about it

As I said in the post, we are learning German!

I TOTALLY guessed right! 😉 PLEASE keep us updated on the immigration process. I went there last year with hopes of moving there to pursue my masters degree. But the immigration process is SO intimidating! Ugh, I want to pick your brain so badly!

Oh no, that’s scary! haha we haven’t FULLY been approved yet, but will hopefully soon!

So amazing!! I’m so excited for you guys 🙂 I haven’t visited Heidelberg, but Germany is a beautiful country! You’re going to love it!

Oh thanks Rachel! I haven’t visited EITHER! haha I can’t wait!

AHH. Heidelberg is the cutest. You’re just going to love it. I’m so jealous!

Cannot wait to see it!! so excited 🙂

I know I already commented on this post, but in reading through the new comments, I am just amazed at how many European readers you have! How awesome! I am a broken record I know, but you truly are such an inspiration.

oh girl, me too! I honestly had no idea until I hit publish on this!! you make my whole day. thank you for saying that.

aufregend!! Ich heisss Ashley. And that’s about all I remember from 3 years of German. That is so exciting. I had friends who moved their for the army and fell in love. Happy for y’all.

hey that’s pretty good!!!! haha I am SLOWLY learning. Thanks so much Ashley 🙂

Whoop, called it! 🙂 I’m sure Margot’s beautiful posts about Heidelberg did absolutely nothingggggg to validate your choice! Ha, they’ve certainly put Heidelberg on my radar, that’s for sure. Very, very excited for you and to follow along on this next chapter of your life!

Oh yes, I’ve been STALKING her blog and her tips and her. lol

You’re going to have so much fun!!!

YES! now, I’m just ready to go!!

So exciting!! I am so jealous! When will you guys be moving? Will you be working when you get there? My husband and I would love to move abroad! Cheers to you!

In the first post I answered that all :). We leave America August 15th. I am working, my blog is my job!

congrats Helene! I’d love to read a post about what kind of hoops and rules you have to jump through to travel across the world with your dogs!

ohhh yes. we will be working on a post on that for sure. I say we because Michael did the bulk of the work!

Germany sounds great! I live in Slovenia, but have family in Stuttgart which is close to where you’ll be living. Travelling in Europe is really easy and pretty cheap! You’ll have a visa so you can pretty much move freely within the EU just like a citizen would. Learning German is definitely a plus, because not everyone is good at English.

I’ll be a bit biased and say that all of Europe feels European, just because the countries share so much history, many cities look alike or have a similar vibe, whether that’s Prague, Vienna, Ljubljana or any place in Germany. And know you’ll be so close to everything! 🙂

I think you’ll love it!

Yes Stuttgart is super close! So far, the places I have visited feel very European, like you said, but all with different charm. I just can’t wait to get over there and really explore!!

How exciting! You’re going to just LOVE Germany. I lived in Frankfurt for four years!

Oh really?! how awesome! and so close to Heidelberg! any tips?!

I love Germany! The more I was reading your clues/requirements I thought “this has to be it!” You’re going to love it there.

haha yes!! it just made sense 🙂

This is so exciting! Heidelberg looks absolutely stunning. Ps, loving the new blog layout, too! x

Thanks Lauren!! it took me forever haha. And I cannot wait!

That is going to be amazing!! I can’t wait to hear ALL about it! I’m so happy for you guys!!!

You know I’ll be posting about it 🙂

Germany seems amazing! I’ve taken three German classes in college and it made me want to go so bad! I found the language to be quite complicated and a bit overwhelming, but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier! I’m really happy for you and I hope you’ll enjoy!

Amelie | http://awanderersadventures.com

Oh so awesome! I’ve only taken one… on how to speak the language! Thanks so so much!

Ah!! So jealous! I’ve heard fabulous things about Heidelberg! When I make it to Germany I will have to hit y’all up!!! ?

Yayayay! So excited for you!!!! This sounds like an Adventure of a Lifetime *cue Coldplay song*

hahahaha yes. Or the remix to a Coldplay song more like it.

I cannot wait to hear absolutely everything about this process. I am so hooked! And excited for you!! Did either of you know absolutely any German before you started the class? So, so, so cool. Congratulations!! I keep trying to convince my BF to move abroad but he’s very happy in the states. I might need a bit of a solo adventure. 😉

I’d love to know…any runners up that fit most of the criteria but came in second or third place? I know you list a couple in the post, but any more?

I cannot tell you how excited it makes me that you care about the prcess, I waws worried people wouldn’t care!

Nope, not even a word! It’s been interesting so far- the pronunciation is what is REALLY getting me. Y’all will just have to do some traveling!

GREAT question. We decided on Germany pretty quickly. It’s on SO many “best places to live list” we thought hard about Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Dusseldorf and also Prague in the Czech Republic. But felt like this was the best choice. Love this comment by the way 🙂

Best get used to using Köln instead of Cologne 🙂

That was my guess (not the city, but Germany in general). I mainly thought it would be nice because it’s centrally located and you guys love to travel, so it makes sense. This is so exciting! I can’t believe you are actually taking this leap…I don’t have the guts to do it!

EXACTLY! You hit the nail on the head on that one!! You never know, you might change your mind 🙂

We might. I don’t know if we would move there, but we will definitely travel to Germany. Jeremy’s German and has never been there, so it’s a dream for us to trace his lineage as far as we can.

I thought Germany, I was like that would be cool if she moved there. I was born there! But different city. That’s so awesome Helene! Congrats. I was there 4 years ago to visit family. My dad’s side of the family are in Germany. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be either be in Europe or Asia.

oh how awesome!! I cannot wait to explore your Country!!

Helene, this is so amazing!! You are going to love Europe, and it’ll be such a wonderful jumping-off point for so many adventures.

Oh I know I will Love europe, I am obsessed!!!! Seriously it’s like a little fairy tale 🙂

I visited Heidelberg years ago – it’s such a charming, gorgeous town. I remember everyone being so friendly! Congratulations on the huge step to becoming an ex-pat, I know you’ll love it and I’m happy you’re sharing the journey with the rest of us!

Oh so good to know!! Thanks so much Kristi!

Congrats!! I can’t wait to see photos and moving posts and follow you through this journey !

EEK! that is SO good to hear Victoria! I will definitely be sharing that 🙂

Helene! That’s incredible! I’m from Germany, about 30 minutes away from Heidelberg to be exact! Heidelberg is such a pretty town full of history. I think it comes closest to what foreigners have in mind when it comes to Germany. I hope you’ll enjoy your new life over here! If there is anything I can help you with, just let me know!

Oh no way! That is amazing Anni!! And I would love to get in contact with you! What’s your email?

It’s littlemissanni.info@gmail.com 🙂 would love to hear from you 🙂

You are going to love Heidelberg! Such a stunning city! Also, there are more people who speak English there than normally in Germany because there was a US military base there until 2010.

Yes! we saw that and were SO happy to hear that!! I cannot wait to explore!

This is awesome! It’s beautiful! Congratulations!

My dad was stationed in Germany for a bit when he was in the Army and he still talks about his love for the country and the beauty of it.

Oh that’s so cool, Meghan!

Congrats, Germany is Awesome!!! And it is very centrally located, I think you’ll have an awesome time.
Will the dogs need to be in quarantine, or is Germany like Switzerland in that it lets them through?

No! Thank goodness we don’t have to quarantine them!!

Love it and would have never guess there! So exciting!!! Can’t wait for all your posts when you are abroad! Live it up girl!

Oh thanks so much Amy!! There will be MANY MANY more to come 🙂

So exciting! We have a lot of friends that live in Germany for hockey and they just love it there. Can’t wait to follow your adventures overseas 🙂

Thanks so much Mar! I have 0 friends there so I will have to find new ones 🙂

Have fun!! I’m an American but I currently live in Berlin 🙂 German is a hard language but it really helps being around it all the time. When I moved to Germany I was shocked by how few people actually spoke English!

Ohhh that’s good to know haha!!

Yes! Germany was one of my guesses! Sad to hear Amsterdam didn’t make it but I’m sure you’ll love Germany!

I do love Amsterdam! It was up there for sure, just wanted to be more of the center of Europe.

AWESOME! <3 My hubs lived in Germany for a while when he was young because his father was military. His older sister was actually born there.

Oh really?! How cool!! I wish I could say we’ve been there, but this will be our first time!

Yay! I am so excited for you! My aunt (who is like my best friend) was a foreign exchange student in Germany and then moved there for a few years. She still loves it! I can’t wait to read all about your adventures!

Oh how cool!!! where did she live?!

So cool! Germany is beautiful. I love that your new city still has that old, European charm to it. That’s the best part about traveling abroad!

YES! I cannot wait to explore it!!

YAY!!! And big hello from Germany! I am actually living in Berlin, I am from Germany 🙂 For some reason I knew you would move here….so EXCITING!!! I spend the last five years studying in Freiburg (which is very close to Heidelberg) and just moved back home to Berlin last September. With that said, if you need ANY help or if you are ever coming to Berlin, please reach out to me anytime! I am always happy to help (with whatever, even translating and helping with paper work 🙂
Ahhh this is just so exciting <3
xx Ronja

Kommen sie aus Freiburg?
SEE I’m trying haha! I would LOVE to come to Berlin!! thank you so so much!!

Helene you’re going to LOVE Germany! I went to Munich in March and it was amazing! Loved every minute of it and are planning to go back to see more of the little towns – Stuttgart most importantly. Good luck with the German classes, it is a tough language. Good luck with the move, it may seem overwhelming at first, BUT it is so worth it!


Thank you so much Simone!! I definitely want to immerse myself in the culture as much as possible- starting with the language!

I *knew* it was Germany! Cannot wait to read about your adventures!

Oh thank you so much Meghan! There will be PLENTY more to come 🙂

What an exciting adventure, and to be able to do it with the dogs too! I can’t wait to read all about your many explorations!

Oh we HAVE to bring the dog children:) Thanks so much Alison!!

Great decision! You will have a great stay. If you visit Greece drop me a line!

I would love to go back to Greece! Where are you in Greece?

I live in the heart of Greece, in Pelio.

How exciting! I’ve never been to Germany, but I don’t mind living vicariously through your photos and stories! Good luck with the move, and I hope everything goes well! Cheers!?

Well I’ve never been either!! Thanks you so much sweet Jae 🙂

That is awesome!!! I believe there is an American military base near Heidelburg so you will be able to find American products more easily if you are feeling homesick. My husband is Army and we hope that we get stationed in Germany someday!

Yes there is!!! We loved that aspect too 🙂 And how fun!!

AHHHH so amazing! I’m SO excited for you two!!!

Thank you so so much Katie!! I can’t believe this is happening!

How exciting! I wish I could go with you. I have a friend who lived there and just moved away a few months ago. They loved it there and always posted the most amazing pictures.

Oh I bet!! how fun! Hopefully I’ll be able to post some cool ones too!!

Elisabeth Anne Roberts Bjørnda

Hi Helene,

How super exciting! Germany is amazing!

I would like to suggest coming to visit Tromsø in the winter season to see the Northern lights, visit fjords, hiking in the Lyngen alps, go dog-sledding, and maybe even go whale watching! There are so many fantastic activities in close vincinity to Tromsø, and there is a lovely place to stay called Tromsø Camping (I work there, so a little shameless tip from me) it is gorgeous and has traditional Norwegian cabins within 3 kilometers from Tromsø City Center. You can even go skiing, ice fishing, for snowmobile safaris, snowshoeing and reindeer sledding, the list goes on and on.

Warm regards,

Ummm yes! that sounds magical!!! I will add it to my list! And I would love to see where you work!

Aahh Tromsø! I’ve been wanting to go there since 2 years, but other travel plans got in the way. It’s still high on my list though! 😀

So exciting! I am planning a trip there next year so I can’t wait for your advice on what to see! My dad was born in Heidelberg and I love hearing my grandmother’s stories about it. Congrats and good luck!

NO WAY! how awesome! I honestly cannot wait to see it!

No advice, but a friend of mine moved here and loves it! Definitely different then here. I can’t wait to read your life there!!! It’s like traveling without traveling.

liz @ j for joiner

haha yes exactly 🙂 I plan on posting A LOT!!

Your adventure is going to be so amazing! My husband travels to Germany several times a year for work and every place he visits he enjoys. You’re going to have such a great time. Beautifully Candid

Oh how cool!! Has he been to Heidelberg?!

No he hasn’t. Mainly Berlin, Frankfurt, and Hamburg.

My Aunt and Uncle lived in Stuttgart for a few years. We went and visited and loved Heidelberg. My Aunt said one of the best things that helped her learn the language was going to the grocery store and listening to everyone. Can’t wait to follow your adventure!

Ahhh how cool!! And that’s an awesome idea!!!

Ahhh I guessed right!! SO excited for you! How long do you think you’ll be living abroad?

You are so smart!! haha!! Like I said, about 2-3 years depending on how much our money lasts haha!

This is so exciting!! I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time!

Rachel / http://www.seashellsandsparkles.com

Thanks so much! I’m sure a lot of it will be hard but so worth it!

You’re going to have such an amazing time and I can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂 What about your phones?! Can I still text you?!

OF COURSE! But I will have a new number- I’ll have to update you on that once I get it!!!!

Congratulations! This is amazing. I’m so excited for you! I’m also SUPER impressed you are learning German.

Girl, it is SO hard. I’m trying my best though!

How cool! You are going to have the best time and I can’t wait for future posts about it and living in Germany! 🙂

Oh thanks so much Sarah!! I am so pumped 🙂

this so freaken cool

I really like how you spelled Freaken

Oh my GOSH, how cool!!! I’ve never been to Germany, but I’ve heard wonderful things!

Welp, me either! haha, i’ll have a lot to explore!!!

So cool! That’s awesome you are learning German. Hopefully that is a smooth process for you!

Haha hardly! This is the end of an 8 week class and I feel like I BARELY know anything! oh well, it’s still fun!

As I was reading through I slowly checked off different countries and landed on Germany! Ha! I’ve never been either but I would love to go especially since both of my grandfathers are German.

haha no way?! that’s awesome! haha! I can’t wait to go- you can come visit me 🙂

I have a family friend who lives near Heidleberg, and she LOVES the christmas markets! I hope you have the best time! I cannot wait to see what you post about it! 🙂
x Kenzie

ahh yes!!!! I cannot wait for the Christmas Markets!!

I lived in Stuttgart and Freiburg, which both are very close to Heidelberg and let me tell you that it´s my favorite part of Germany: so much green, so many beautiful cities! The language is hard, but Germans really appreciate all the effort foreigners make and I always found people really happy to help me out! You are so going to love the region!!!

Ahh yes! Super close to Heidelberg! I am trying to learn but it’s going SLOWWW. haha! Thanks so much 🙂

Yvette Ghandehari

That’s so cool (I was sure it would be London…) So nice, that you will come to Germany. Heidelberg is awesome, my brother lives there. You will love the town and you will love Germany- sure! Even if it is really differnt to the States 😉 So, if you need a german pen pal to train your german knowledge- just let me know!
have a great one! Yvette from Dortmund

I do love London but I wanted something different (i’ve been to London 6 times!) and I wanted to be out of my comfort zone and also centrally located in Europe :). Ohhh and good to know!!!! Thanks Yvette 🙂

Yvette Ghandehari

You’re welcome! Let me know if you need help!

That’s awesome! And Oktoberfest is going to be a blast for you guys.

we’ve never been!!!! soooo pumped!

Stephanie Hartley

I did not guess right at all haha! I’m from the UK, and I LOVE travelling to Europe, so I can see why you chose to go there! It’s awesome that you get to learn a new language together, and it’s going to be so much fun once you have everything settles, eeeeek

Steph – http://www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

haha most people didn’t it is the whole wide world after all ;). Yes, now i just can’t wait to get there!!!

That’s awesome! I went to Heidelberg in high school – loved everything about it! Felt like I was in a fairy tale

ahh that’s what I like to hear!!! can’t wait 🙂

Woah! That’s such a big move, Helene! I am so excited to finally know where you will be living. I cannot wait to see travel guides for Europe. I have never visited but it’s on my bucket list before having children! Congratulations again!

You gotta go, it’s truly amazing!! And thanks so much!!

Helene! I just squealed! You are making an unbelievably fabulous decision! We visited Heidelberg back in 2011(I blogged about it but my site was a bit disastrous back then!) and we had an incredible time. Walking the streets near the university was one of the best days of my life. There are so many boutiques, coffee shops, candy stores, live music, the castle (!!!!), just everything… it’s magical. I’m so jealous but so happy for you!

AHH that is SO good to hear! I don’t care I want to see the post (we all have those old posts haha!) This comment just made my whole day!!!!!

OH MY WORD!!! This is the city I grew up in (and my parents still live)!!!! I love it SOOOO much and you will for sure, too!!!!! Can’t wait to hear all about your experiences!

WHAT! no way! I need to get all your advice then!!

For sure! This news totally made my day. haha

I am totally serious! haha what’s your email?

crispsnaps@gmail.com or hcrisp0611@gmail.com Send any questions and I’ll try to answer them. 🙂

I thought Austria or around that area, amazing train systems all over and pretty “central” to where you could travel all over Europe without breaking the bank. CONGRATS again, super jealous, and you need to go to Italy. Maybe when I go back to Europe we can meet if we’re in the same country! ♥ No advice, just have FUN and document it all! Make us all jealous 😉

Austria is awesome, we definitely looked into it, but it’s also really expensive! We’re trying to make our money last while we’re over there, ya know? I will 100% be going to Italy. I will be going everywhere!! Thanks so much friend!

Germany is a great choice! My family traveled there quite a bit when I was growing up and they were all so welcoming and kind, not like the stereotypes at all. My husband has family there so we hope to travel there some time soon. I cannot wait to read more of your journey moving abroad! Best of luck, Helene!

Oh how cool! Can you believe I’ve never been!? I’m so pumped to see everything new! Thanks so much Kendall!!

Heidelberg is the one place in Germany I’ve been to!! It is so picturesque. It it literally like walking through a Disney movie in some parts. I went as part of my big European trip last year and loved every minute of it! We didn’t spend nearly as much time in Germany as I would have liked, which is why I think they next time I go to Europe (as of now that will be the summer after next) I want to spend a good chunk of time in Germany. Basically the whole vacation. Anyway, I am so excited for you, I think you’ll love Heidelberg! I know I did! : )

Oh really?!! How cool! Eek i love that you said that!!!! That’s exactly like I want it to feel :). Thanks so much!! I cannot wait!!

Congrats!!! This sounds so amazing and I’m deeply impressed you made it happen. Can’t wait to read your “how we did it” posts and about your adventure!

Thank you!! To be honest, we are still in the process of doing it! haha lots LOTS left to do. But I think it’s totally worth it, will definitely write a post on this 🙂

I had so many guesses…and I was totally wrong! Haha I’m so excited to see your adventures and please definitely share the process with us! Moving abroad is something I would love to do in the future 🙂

haha! it’s hard, when it’s the whole world :). I will definitely be sharing more!

I had a feeling it would be Germany just based on the little clues you gave us. (My husband’s family hosts mostly German foreign exchange students, and they come wanting to get an American diploma so they can show they are fluent in English.) I think it will be the perfect home country for you.

Oh how cool!! We are trying to learn the language, it’s been really fun!

Wow! That’s amazing! Can’t wait to follow your adventures there! I want to visit Santorini, Greece but would live in Italy. Now you got me daydreaming! Haha!

I love both of those places (actually never been to Italy, but santorini, yes) but we just really wanted to stick to our criteria since we’ll be traveling a lot. Who knows, could move there one day!

EEEK!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!! I wish I could help with tips, I got nothing other than to demand that you document every second of this amazing experience!

oh you know i’ll be doing that!!! 🙂

I went to Heidelberg last summer and completely loved it! It’s a wonderful little city- so quaint and cute with it’s pedestrian-only streets! You’ll love it!

I am so excited to hear that! We fell in love with it, just by looking at it online, can’t wait to live there!!

Looks like a beautiful city! How exciting. Since you guys want to travel a bit while you’re there, look into visiting Bulgaria! My sister lives in the capital city, Sofia, and absolutely loves it. Varna and Sozopol are beautiful beach towns right on the coast as well. And there’s a direct flight from Frankfurt to Sofia 😉 just a tid bit of a new place to go, if you’ve never been!

Good luck with learning German! It’s awesome you guys are taking classes. Strangely enough, I think I’ve heard that the German language is very closely related to English? Maybe you’ll pick it up fast!

We definitely have Bulgaria on our list! honestly, we want to go everywhere.

It’s closely related but also super hard. Like all the w’s are vs and there really aren’t any ys. Some of the words do sound similar but are spelled so weird. haha it’s a lot to learn but I’m excited!

this is amazing and guess what! I’ll be in Frankfurt/Munich for Octoberfest at the end of September! We’ll have to meet up if you’re going to go too 😉 YAY!

If I’m going?! haha yes! we are for sure going!! I would love to!!!

I’m totally surprised! My guess was Amsterdam. One of my best friends from HS lives near Hanover in Brunswick/Braunschweig, about 4 hours north of you! We’ve never been to Germany (or Europe for that matter) but I’d love to visit one day.

It was hard when I gave y’all no parameters haha! I realized that so i tried to lay out why we chose that city 🙂 And how cool!! And you gotta go to Europe, in my opinion, it’s the best!!

Woooooo!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!! Just amazing. A good friend is Austrian and she surprised me with her fluent German the first time I heard her speak on the phone to her mom. Such an interesting language!

Can’t wait to follow you on your journey. You are so hardworking and inspiring!

I am really liking learning the language! it’s been hard but really fun. Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean the world to me!!

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