Today marks one of the most significant days in my life. On this day, three years ago, is when I mark the start of my blog. I blogged a little bit beforehand, but today is my unofficial start date because something happened. Something big.

Three years ago today I was dropped 20 feet while indoor rock climbing. It was completely and totally my belayer's fault (the girl that holds the rope and lets me go up and down). She told me to come down, but had the safety open, so when I came down I landed on my right ankle, breaking it along with my leg.

It was of course, very lucky that I wasn't paralyzed (or worse). But the reason why I was able to really start the blog was because I was holed up, in my house, for 6 months. So, I started Helene in Between.

I blogged about everything. About my accident, about my life, about social media (my job), and so much more. Little did I know this would turn into what it's become today. I'm not saying my rock climbing fall was detrimental to my life, I just cannot believe that such a horrible event helped me find my passion.

In case you're wondering, I have yet to go rock climbing again. Every time I think of that, I get nervous. Michael still goes often but I just can't shake the nerves. Maybe one day.

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