I have a story that I must tell.
It's high time I told it to you fine folks.

It's embarrassing and I pray that my mother in law never ever sees this post (it would be bad for the both of us). 
I must preface this by asking you not to judge me.
You see, I dated my to-be-husband senior year of high school.
17 years of age, livin' it up.
On Wednesday nights we would hang out at his house.
The reason being: his mother was gone at choir practice and we could be home alone.
To look into each others eyes.

Ok, so we would make out. A LOT.

Well you see, I wasn't allowed over there when she wasn't there. At the tender age of 17 you CANNOT be trusted.
Plus, she is a little on the strict side. My mom on the other hand, was pretty cool about things.

Of course I would be there, every Wednesday  at 7:15 just after his mother was gone and would promptly leave at 9:25 before she was to return.

One night her choir practice was let out early.
We had no idea. But his mom saw my car and crept up the stairs to find me… pants-less.
We didn't know what to do but Michael shut the door (in her face!) and we put clothes back on. We had to go downstairs and have “a talk.”
There were things said like:
“The Horny feeling”
“Are you trying to get pregnant?”
“Slutty behavior”
and so forth. (side note, I was SUPER prude in high school well except for this little shenanigan.)

I was mortified. She FREAKED out and I was so embarrassed I couldn't go over there for months.

Because I have no shame I told some girl friends. Well, at my all girl's high school, word got out fast.

One of my guy friend's (from our brother school) texted me that day:
“Heard you did the No Pants Dance last night”
and that has stuck ever since.

We did move on from it and she is now my mother in law. See, y'all you never know how things will end up.
But I have a little feeling that she will always have a vision in her mind as her son's pants-less girlfriend.

Have you ever been caught?