I don't know about you, but when I first started blogging I was clueless. Looking back at my old blog posts is downright comical. The images are grainy and tiny. The writing looks like it was thrown together (it probably was). And the overall post is just missing something.

But you know what, all is not lost with those posts! Some of those posts are actually informative and interesting and I might as well get the most out of them. As a blogger I define success by pageviews. A great way to gain page views is through taking a look at old posts and giving them a refresh.

Here are 6 steps to bring hits to old blog posts.

1. Add a pinnable image.
You know that grainy selfie you have there as the main image? Leave it. I like seeing my blog progress. But now, I add an image to the post that goes with the post. I typically an image with text that goes along with the post. I did this recently with my post on Dinosaur Poop Cookies. As soon as I pinned it, I received repins and hits!

2. Update the content.
Read through your old blog post and see if it could use a refresh. Make sure it makes sense in today's terms. I edit my posts and rework the content with fresh eyes to make sure it logically makes sense.

3. Restructure the post.
A lot of my first posts are a little wonky. My writing is centered and it doesn't read as well. I reformat the post to ensure it has a nice flow and it easier to read. 

4. Add SEO.
This is a great way to bring hits to your current blog posts, but you can still do the same with older posts. Check out my SEO guide for bloggers and use this on your old blog posts as well as new ones.

5. Add in links.
Make your content more relevant by linking it to your previous posts or online articles that relate to your topic. I updated my post “How To Start a Blog” that regularly gets hits, but could use some links to more recent posts that cover some of the topics explained.

6. Promote your posts.
Share your “new” revamped, old posts on social media. Pin them, tweet them, Facebook them, etc. Your blog audience has grown and your content has been refreshed, your followers might find your old content interesting.

Have you ever updated old blog posts?