I have struggled with dyeing my hair for years. When I was 14 I decided it was getting too dark, my mom and I bought a box of hair color from Sally's Beauty Supply and preceded to dye my hair orange. ORANGE. No not brassy blonde. Orange. I have always hated getting my hair highlighted or dyed. Until I figured out how to get blonde hair without the salon. Yep, in the comfort of my own home.

Blonde Hair Without the Salon

It's actually really easy and cheap. SO cheap. The whole cost is under $30! You can get your hair very, naturally blonde at home- no salon needed. But let's take a look down memory lane at my hair.

Helene's Hair through the years:
1. After the orange, a half blonde             2. getting whiter.               3. And… it's white brassy hairhalf natural thing 

I went to Ulta to get it fixed but it really wasn't the right color until a year later. I went to all different salons (read, anyone that had a deal on Groupon). Then in college I started doing it myself again. This time was a little bit better but it started getting whiter and whiter (see above).

1. Ombre before there was ombre             2. Salon dyed          3. This probably took hours in the salon                                                                            
I then discovered Ogle School of Beauty. It's $35 for highlights. (If you haven't figured out yet, I'm cheap.) But it would literally take 5+ hours for them to do my hair and I just couldn't take it anymore.

1. Yellow hair, don't care                      2. EW: Brown with blonde highlights    3. Me, currently

8 months ago my sweet mom took me to get my hair done. I decided I wanted to be a little more natural so I could go longer between salon visits. We went to a place called ‘In Luv With Hair' first mistake. It was a DISASTER. I cried and blogged about how horrible it was. It was dark with some white pieces so it looked like I had gray hair. Just no.

I'm not lying about the crying part. 

I didn't know what to do. Do I keep paying outrageous prices for my hair color? Do I do it myself with the chance of being orange? Do I just let myself be the dishwater blonde that I am? I went back the next day to get it fixed, but it still was not what I wanted. Then my hair started falling out. I was done.

A few days ago I was searching Youtube on highlighting your hair at home. It's so hard. But I saw a review of John Frieda's “Lightening Spray.” My friend also had luck with Sun-In so I thought I would give it a try. Yes, Sun-In, what's up 80s? But really, it's more about the Lightening Spray, don't worry.
Like really well. And there's no orange in sight.
Here's what I do to get Blonde Hair Without the Salon:

1. Leave in conditioner (also LOVE this one)
2. John Freida – Go Blonder Lightening Spray
3. Sun In

After I shower or have my hair wet (pool, lake etc) I towel dry my hair. I put some leave in conditioner on the ends. I spray my head ALL OVER with the lightening spray first. It's covered, to the point my hair is dripping. Then I spray a few squirts of the Sun-In.
From there, you can blow dry your hair on high heat OR just go out in the sun for an hour (If I do that I put sunscreen on the top of my head, or as Michael likes to refer to it, “My crack”).

I just knew you wanted to see me in the bathroom, blow drying my hair. 

That's it! They say it takes 10 tries to get the color you want but this is my before and after, just after 2 times! I told you – it's easy to get blonde color at home. You just have to test out what works for you!

Some notes:
-Your hair might smell a little funky, throw some perfume on it
– It can become dry easily, the leave in conditioner is a must
– Put as much heat on it as you can take
– how great do I look with a blow dryer? JK it's scary, I know.
– WARNING: If you have dark hair, this probably won't work and you will have orange hair. My hair is already dirty blonde. Take caution. If you want me to tell you if it will work for you just ask. Because clearly now I'm an expert.
I don't use very much Sun-In, I know I have heard horror stories. So, if you are scared just start off with the  John Frieda lightening spray
– I ONLY brush my hair with the Wet Brush it has been life changing to brush my wavy hair when wet- oh and it's under $10!

Would you ever try this DIY hair color?!

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