** A little update, I wrote this post in October of 2012. I was completely heartbroken that I broke my ankle and was unable to work or do the things I love. Little known to me, this broken ankle would actual lead to huge, wonderful changes in my life. It's the reason why I started blogging and now, I've turned my blog into my full time job!
Sometimes good things happen out of the absolute worst. Here's the story of how I broke my ankle.

On Monday I went to the doctor for a little check up on my broken ankle. They took the cast off and I got to see what my pretty scars would look like. (I've included pictures below and those that don't like gross looking things don't scroll down!) At least we are in the month of Halloween! Some of the pictures may SPOOK you.

Well funny thing, I looked at x-rays of the broken bones and not only did I break my ankle, I broke my leg too! Thanks for letting me know that Doc!
See X-Ray below.

After X-rays they removed the stitches – ahhhhhhh! I was sweating and had to hold my husband's hand because I am a small child. Here are pictures of ankle and the incisions, eeek!!

Do you see what this scar is gonna look like? 

I can't shave my legs so all that fur is pretty attractive…

To me this is nasty. Ok, only 3 more months of not being able to walk like a real person!!

Oh P.S. in the hospital I had some trouble breathing so my doctor decided to take me off all pain medication and I am now taking something VERY mild. When asked about my pain I said YES it hurts very badly. Then the doctor LAUGHED and said oh yeah you're pain medicine sucks. Help a girl out, won't ya?!

Then I got put in a boot. Fancy, huh?

I was told I won't be working for at least another month. I know that sounds nice… but I'm ready to get back to real life!