First and foremost, I'm in shock. There's really nothing like your day of birth to remind you how genuinely kind, caring, and all around great people are. I was downright honored by all the messages, picture collages, calls, and of course, cake. I'm a very lucky person, and I need to remember that more often.

As a kid, I thought of 28-year-olds as adults, wise people that had life figured out.  And I'm still not exactly sure of a lot of things. So instead of talking about things I've learned or not learned, I decided to make a list of 28 things I'm pretty sure about.

1. Age is just a number and you can justify just about anything at any age.

2. Airplanes are awful and always give me motion sickness, but I love them because it means I'm going somewhere. And travel is the best way to learn anything.

3. I'll probably always be “working on my novel.”

4. I look best with blonde hair. Even if it's dyed.

5. I have three favorite places in the world (that I've been to): Paris, Seaside, and my bed.

6. Ice cream is always a good idea. And pizza. And wine. Wine Not?

7. Leggings are always a better option than pants. If you want to see why, please see #6.

8. Flowers for no reason are the best kinds of flowers.

9. Dogs are better than most humans. #sulakids

10. Electronic Dance Music makes me instantly happy.

11. I can run on very little sleep but only when it's for fun things.

12. Giving up Diet Coke the week of your birthday is idiotic because you will have a caffeine headache.

13. I hate showering because I hate wet hair. But I always enjoy it when I'm in one.

14. If I'm going out I'd prefer a place where there's dancing.

15. I like large crowds just as much as I like being by myself watching Netflix.

16. I don't believe in expensive clothes. But I do believe in a good pair of shoes.

17. Diet Coke > Tea > Coffee. Also, Cheap Wine > Wine. (And I'll always be cheap even if I win the lottery).

18. I'm probably under-dressed, but I'm likely comfortable.

19. I'll never understand why certain photos get more likes than others on instagram.

20 .There's nothing wrong with white in the winter.

21. Everyone should have a signature dance move.

22. I hardly ever use Algebra.

23. The best ideas usually come after a glass of wine or a margarita. Or both.

24. Staying out of the sun makes you look younger (and keeps your skin healthy). But tan fat is better than pale fat. So self tanner and I are close friends.

25. Writing down to do lists is better than anything electronic.

26. My mother was/is right about everything.

27.  Getting older is the worst and the best. The worst because I hate getting older. The best because there's a lot to look forward to in life. But mainly the worst.   
28. It really is all good.                                                                                                               

Cheers to getting older.

Something else I know for sure, you're going to love who I have on the blog today.  Today I have the pleasure of introducing (or if you already know her, giving you an in-depth look) Samantha from The Samantha Life.  I especially love seeing her writing process, she happens to host blogger men tell all, and she's done one of the craziest things I've ever see!

1. What's your go to jam?

Hold On by
Wilson Phillips. It does just what you need whether you're in a great
mood, need a pick-me-up, or feel like having a good cry. Pro tip: It
definitely sounds best when it's sunny and 80 and you have it cranked up
with all the windows rolled down.

2. It's your last meal on earth- what do you choose?
I am definitely a
steak, baked potato, and salad kind of girl. Can't go wrong. And don't
forget a good glass of wine, to go with the steak obviously.

3. How do you find time to blog?

really think that making time to blog is something I still am, and
always will be, working on. Blogging is a time-consuming hobby; totally
worth it but still time-consuming. I have found that these habits are
what keeps me on track and posting regularly: create a post schedule at
the beginning of the week, schedule posts and social media promotion,
and keep an ongoing list of post ideas in my phone or planner for when
the inevitable Blogger's Block hits a few hours before you want to get a
post up. If I get desperate I just drink some wine and then, for some
reason, the words just tend to come out 🙂

4. What's been your most successful/popular post?
My most popular post has been my DIY headboard. This is also how I learned how valuable a tool Pinterest can be.

5. If you could offer one piece of must-have advice to an aspiring blogger, what would it be?

Be yourself and enjoy writing – cliche, but true. Never forget why you started your blog in the first place.
Check out Samantha's blog, follow her on Bloglovin‘, twitter, instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!