All good people in the world have one.

It starts out small.
A glass of wine or 7 has been consumed.
The stank face is going.
Little to no encouragement is needed.

She can be spotted on a sticky dance floor.
It's usually when I've had some rum and diet.
My friends are appalled yet tolerable of it.
My eyes are generally closed.

It's found on tables.
Outdoors and Indoors.
Hot or Cold.
Truthfully: drink or no drink.

It may even be spotted at a wedding or a formal affair.
It doesn't care who you are or what you do.
It's coming out. 
It's unstoppable.
It's my signature dance move. 
And it's coming to a bar near you.

Watch out for the praying mantis.
She'll eat you up.

This post was inspired by a margarita. You're welcome.