After seven long months, I finally got my hair highlighted this past weekend. It's not that I like the look of roots. I'm not going for the ombre look. Michael likes to think it's because I'm being thrifty and I don't want to pay the money to get my hair done. But honestly, that's not the main reason. The true reason is because I have the most tender head in the world.
I admittedly will cry every time. I really can't help it. As soon as they start brushing it, washing it, heck, even looking at my locks wrong, my eyes start watering. I truly can't help it. I've always been this way. But regardless of my tender-headed-ness, about twice a year, I brave the salon and get highlights. (That is of course, if I'm going for blonde hair without the salon.)
I recently went out to lunch with some fellow blonde rooted women, and we noticed that we have the same struggles. So, of course, I had to share them here.

12 Things Only Girls With Highlights Understand

1. People will always ask if this is my natural color. You know it and I know it, this hair does not look natural.

2. The price you pay to get your hair highlighted is astronomical. And if your hair is longer… forget it. It doesn't matter that they are just covering the roots. The price shoots up.

3. Your hair breaks easily. And dries out. And can also look like straw. 

4. Once you dye your hair, you can't not dye your hair.

5. When your roots start to show, you'll use any excuse to cover it up: a hat, headband, or my personal favorite: dry shampoo.

6. People will accuse me of not being naturally blonde. This is how to make me your enemy. “But your roots are dark.” No, they are dirty blonde.

7. You own purple shampoo. This helps get rid of the brassiness. Nothing worse than an orange blonde.

8. You shed everywhere. And if you're wearing black it's very noticeable. Which, for me, is all the time.

9. At one point, you WILL try dying it yourself. You will fail.

10. You'll wonder if you should go brunette, or red, or even… au naturelle.

11. They take forever. Getting your hair done is an all day thing. I was once in a salon for 5 hours. I wish I was kidding. I tried to save money and went to the school. Never again.

12. Did I mention roots?