One might think I have two different lives (or maybe two different personalities) if they follow me on instagram. One minute it's an easy, laid back night at home with the dogs. The next it's at a rave. It's very confusing. How we portray our lives on instagram is interesting. But comparing the two versions of my life really makes it fun. Or weird. I can't decide.

Instagram during the week:
I seem like a relatively calm girl that enjoys an occasional chai tea or hot chocolate.

 Cut to the weekend. I'm at a rave.

Week day, at home snuggling with the pups.

Weekend, the kids and I are off on an adventure.

This is how I typically eat on during the week.

Then the weekend happens and I'm all “pizza is life.”

Attire going up, on a Tuesday.

Ready to get down on a Friday.

It's safe to say I'm working for the weekend. Is your life on insta (or in general) vastly different from week to end? Either way, instagram (yes I'm @heleneinbetween, have to plug it) makes like look more fun.