I'd like to come here and tell you that I'm not superstitious about certain things, but then I'd be lying. My superstitions stem from real life events or just good ol' karma. I really think karma helps keep me in line more than anything else. I'm not 100% sure I believe in it, but there are some things that I do just to be safe.

Here's what I'm superstitious about:

1. If I see a penny, I am picking it up. In fact, if I see any money I'm picking it up. That's good luck because I just became richer. Hello.

2. You have to blow out all your candles on your birthday cake at once for your wish to come true.

3. The number 66. I just don't like that number. And certainly not 666.

4. Make a wish on a wishbone. Two people choose a side and pull the wish bone and think of a wish. Then pull, whoever has the larger side will come true.

5. Make a wish on my eyelash. Whenever I find a stray eyelash I blow it and make a wish. I make Michael do the same. 

6. Speaking of wishes, don't tell anyone what you wished for. Otherwise it's not happening.

7. I like to take the same routes. Okay, this one might be very weird. But if I take a route (like a driving route or running path) and it went well – meaning I was there on time, it was a good day etc- , then I want to take the same way again. I'm I the only one?

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Helene in Between Blogtober
Helene in Between Blogtober