As a very quick reminder we are going to be on House Hunters International TONIGHT! You can catch us on HGTV at 9:30pm CST / 10:30pm EST and again at 12:30 am CST / 2:30 am EST. Find full details about the schedule here. You can also catch my announcement post here which goes into detail about what our episode will be about (and share some behind the scenes shots!).

We are so excited to share our story and show you all about our move abroad.

Naturally, I wanted to give you a reason to REALLY enjoy the show, with a House Hunters International Drinking game of course! It's simple to play. Have a drink ready to go, and take a sip when someone mentions….

  • The budget
  • Compares it to an American home
  • Squeaking floors
  • Old world charm
  • Proximity to city center
  • Leaving everything behind
  • Traveling
  • Public transport
  • Move-in ready
  • Deal breaker
  • Fully furnished

For our episode, finish your drink when we talk about…

  • The lighting
  • A space for the dogs
  • Heidelberg

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Don't forget to check out the schedule for when my episode airs right here!