*I'd like to note I don't watch the show, nor do I intend to. BUT like most trends in life, there needs to be a drinking game attached to it. This is for all of you that obsess  can't wait to watch this teen-drama show. 
I decided to watch the last episodes, so now I'm an expert.

Take a sip when…

There's a flashback
Someone looks up, and they look surprised
Someone sighs
Whenever there's sexual tension
When dramatic/menacing music starts playing
Anytime a rude statement is made

You see black gloves or a hoodie
Someone cries
When they are actually in a classroom
A relationship is discussed

Finish Your Drink When…

When a girl is wearing an outfit you know you can't afford
Whenever you forget these girls are supposed to be 16
Anytime there is a message in writing

Every time you realize this is not what high school looks like
If anyone dies

Hardcore PLL fans: This is just for fun. Feel free to add to the list!

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