You know what's awesome? Drinking games are awesome. 
And so I thought, you know, we bloggers, we should have one, specifically for us. 

The rules are easy. Grab a drink. Read some blogs. Get drunk. 
Happy Friday.
I'll even make you a drink to get you started.
So, Take a Sip When:

Someone says “TGIF.”

Someone writes how excited they are for the weekend. 
Drink when Sami posts her tweets of the week.
A blogger says they're going to drink this weekend.

You leave work early.

Someone tweets a song lyric. If you are following me, then that's a lot of drinks. 

A post mentions Justin Timberlake.

You read a guest post.

Someone posts a selfie. 
You have to drink. This is kinda a selfie. 

You see a picture of someone's nails. 

Someone's post starts with “Dear…”

You enter a giveaway.

A post mentions that the week flew by!

Someone Instagrams food.

Someone says/writes “It's March!” at any point.

Someone gives you a high five. (A handshake is two sips). 

Someone tweets about the fact that it's Friday!

It IS Friday. Finish your drink.

I hope you are thoroughly drunk. 
Have a great weekend!

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