Anyone that's a fan of the Bachelor knows that tomorrow is the season finale of Chris Soules' season. Season 19 of The Bachelor was hilarious, full of drama, ridiculous antics, freaks, make-outs, and more. Basically, everything you want in a TV show. From Kelsey's strange stories, Ashley I's (aka the Kardashian) “virginity,” Britt's tears, and drunk twerking, I couldn't stop watching. It definitely seemed fitting to have a Bachelor Drinking Game. I'll definitely be glued to the TV Monday night, but I'd like to play a game along the way. After all this drama, drinking is the answer.


So here's your Bachelor Season Finale Drinking Game:

Take a drink when…

– Anyone says the word “amazing”
– Someone cries
– Chris looks off into the distance
– They make out
– Becca has an awkward pause
– Whitney's voice irritates you
– You see an image of Chris' farm in Iowa
– Chris Harrison uses the word dramatic
– They plug Neil Lane Diamonds
– Anyone talks about being in love
– True feelings are questioned
– Either Chris says the word “wife”
– Anytime someone uses an unnecessary superlative
-“Prince Farming” is said

Finish your drink if…

– You hear the phrase “for the right reasons”
– The final rose
– There's a proposal

Happy Season finale, y'all.