And on the 8th day, God made Fall.


What is it about this season? Is it the pumpkin filled eats? The smell of football season? The boots and booties popping up as the leaves fall? Whatever it is, I dig it.

Can we just all agree that Fall is awesome?

This is my first time getting a real dose of a Fall season this early in the year.

Living in Texas and Tennessee, I don't see the temperature really drop until at least December. But that's definitely not the case in Germany. I know I'll get very cold, and complain about it, but until then I'm enjoying this gorgeous weather.



This is a picture I took last year when Michael and I went to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee to see the leaves change. If you've never ventured up there, I highly recommend it!

Here's what's on my list for Fall:

  1. Find a house/apartment/somewhere to live that isn't a frat house. You guys. The struggle is real. I give regular updates on my snapchat (@Helenesula). Also the debate vs Snap and Insta Stories is so interesting. Give your two cents here.
  2. Drink a pumpkin spice frappacino. You know the PSL is already a thing. But I have yet to try this and it sounds divine.
  3. Go to the Pumpkin Festival in Ludwigsburg. Festivals + pumpkins? Sign me up.
  4. Make spiked apple cider. As soon as I get a place to live it's going to get real domestic up in here. Which leads me to point 5…
  5. Make Healthy Pumpkin Bread + super unhealthy Blueberry Bread Pudding. Both are delicious.
  6. Watch Hocus Pocus. I know, this is ground breaking.
  7. Take multiple leaf pics. Because there is not time like now to get super basic.
  8. Buy some Fall candles. When I moved overseas with only two suitcases and a weight limit of 50 pounds each to what I packed, candles didn't make the list. So they're on this one instead. No Bath and Body Works here, so I'll have to find some fun German scents.
  9. Get some friends. Yes, this is on my list. We still know no one in Heidelberg. Then I want to make those friends get dressed up for Halloween.
  10. Start celebrating Christmas early. Y'all decorations are already starting to be on display in Germany! Normally, I'd say, wait until after Thanksgiving. But there is no Thanksgiving here. So I say BRING IT ON.
  11. Go to a corn maze. There are corn mazes EVERYWHERE. I must find a maze!

Did I mention finding a place to live? Yeah. That one.

New Hashtag!

I'm excited to announce a new Fall hashtag for Instagram with Taylor! Share your sweaters, scarves, pumpkins, starbucks cups, teas, coffee mugs, or anything Fall related at all with the hashtag: #DailyFallBetween


Let's cheers our Starbucks cups and start using this hashtag!

We will be having a giveaway at the end, as well as sharing some of our favorite pics on the blog. Don't forget to follow along with us @heleneinbetween & @thedailytay!

What's on your Fall to do list?

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