It was announced this week that Starbucks is adding real pumpkin to it's quintessential Pumpkin Spice Latte. You could hear the collective sigh from girls everywhere, already planning their perfect fall instagrams; complete with boots, scarves, slouchy sweaters, and the white Starbucks cup- expertly smudged with a deep red lipstick. P.S. the sweater above is here. Rings: stone, silver.

While you're getting your Basic Fall Bucketlist ready, I'm going to tell you just how to get ready for the influx of Fall obsession.

It's time to put away the peonies and pineapples and focus on the next P in the spotlight: pumpkins. Here's how to know if you're ready for Fall.

You've Googled Pumpkin recipes.
You've pulled out your boots. You can never have too many brown boots. DUH.

You are trying to make “Puspite” happen = PUpmkin SPIce latTE. I just made this up. Helene, stop trying to make puspite happen. It's not going to happen. Everyone is totally fine with PSL.

Fall Foliage is your screen saver.

You've mapped out a nearby pumpkin patch for you and your besties to hit up on the weekend. Selfie sticks required!!

 Currently: researching Halloween Costumes. Is it weird to be Kylie Jenner's Lips?

You're putting the finishing touches on your apple picking outfit.

Search “cute Fall outfits” on Pinterest.

You are scouring Target for that perfect Fall thermal tee.

You've lit your first Bath and Body Works candle. Sweater Weather is a scent?! Heck yes.

PSA: there is nothing wrong with being basic because being basic is fun!