Saturday morning I woke up and opened the door. It was 52 degrees outside. After doing a little happy dance, I walked directly into my closet to hang up all my sweaters I had stored away. This signifies the start of Fall for me. Sure, the temperature might jump back up, but I don't care. It's Fall to me and I'll wear sweaters and drink my pumpkin spice latte and you can't stop me.

Here are 12 Things That Happen Every Fall:

12 Things That Happen Every Fall

1. I put pumpkin on everything I possibly can. Healthy Pumpkin bread is on the top of my list. And sweet potatoes. In fact, I think I'll have one for dinner…

2. I start singing “All the Fall Things“. Because this should be a real dong. Sung to the tune of Blink 182's “All the Small Things.”

3. I buy cute pumpkins just for decorations around the house. 

4. I need hot drinks all the time: hot coffee, tea, chocolate… whatever.

5. I have to buy a new Bath and Body Works “autumn” themed candle.

6. I pack up the neons and pull out the greys and neutrals.

7. I paint my nails a darker color. This year, I'm trying this at home gel manicure.

8. I start pinning all the Fall recipes.

9. Buy all the Halloween candy. Reese's pumpkins. All of them.

10. Try to not eat the Halloween candy because I want to look cute in a Halloween costume.

11. Make chili in the crock pot.

12. Have an outdoor fire and roast marshmallows.

What are things that happen for you every Fall?

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Today I have the lovely Elizabeth from Something Saturdays on the blog today. Elizabeth and Luke are from very different place. She hails from Canada, while he comes from the UK but they met in the Netherlands and started traveling ever since. Every Saturday they make a point of trying something new, and that usually involved an adventure. Can I say- travel envy? I got to ask Elizabeth about her lovely blog:

When you started your blog, what did you have in mind? Has it stayed pretty true to that original idea?
I originally had the idea to start the Something Saturdays blog when I was unemployed, and since I can be an impulsive person, I bought the domain name that very same day! The concept of Something Saturdays was originally born during a train journey, while we were living in the Netherlands in 2012. We wanted to take advantage of living abroad and challenged ourselves to do something new every weekend, calling our exploits “Something Saturdays”. And well, the idea just stuck – we've been doing Something Saturdays ever since! So the blog was created simply to document our adventures, and we've kept it going two years on.

Is it hard to travel together all the time?
Not really, we actually took our first trip together when we'd be dating for 2 weeks! It sounds crazy but we both love to travel and luckily we can both get interested in almost anything, so we're not too hard to please.

What's one message you want people to get from Something Saturdays?
That there is always something or somewhere new to explore and to never stop trying new things, even if you've lived somewhere for a while! Something Saturdays are a great excuse to get out of your comfort zone and learn more about the world around you. Over the past 3 years of Something Saturdays we have learned how to ski; visited countless museums and festivals; learned how to survive in the wilderness and make maple syrup (not at the same time); gotten lost while geocaching; went orienteering (and didn’t get lost); went zip lining and scuba diving (for 30 seconds); completed various DIY projects including felting and making a shoe rack; and attended lots of community/cultural events. You'd be surprised what gems you can uncover in your local area when you make the extra effort!

Check her out on Bloglovin or Twitter or go read her blog!