You might be wondering where I was the last week or two? Well, I was out for not the greatest of reasons.

The week before last I was ready to go with a post about my travels to Nashville and the deals of the week. On Sunday I went to the greatest fair of all- The State Fair of Texas. I went to the dog show, ate a corny dog and cotton candy, watched the Chinese Acrobats and played some games despite the rain.

After that we went to an indoor rock climbing gym where my husband was organizing a work function. I was paired up with a girl I hadn't met before but she assured me that she had rock climbed before. I had just finished up a month membership (via Groupon) at Dallas Rocks, but we both watched the safety video and then we each had the guy that worked there watch us belay (that means she would secure the rope as I went up and down the wall). So we climb each about 3 times and then I went up a 25 ft wall. I tell her I'm ready to come down and she says okay I'm ready for you. I feel like she really doesn't have me so I come down a few feet. I look down at her and tell her are you sure and she says yes! When you come down you are supposed to lean all of your weight on the harness and rope and then she slowly opens the clamp to let me down. It's very easy to do- they let kids do it!! So she just swings it open and I free fall 20 feet down. All she had to do was let go of the clamp and the rope would have stopped but I guess she wasn't thinking. I land on my right ankle, watch it dislocate and could hear it break. I was very lucky that I was not paralyzed or worse!

I had an ambulance rush me to the hospital where they did an emergency surgery. I broke my ankle in 3 places. I had 2 screws put in plus a plate and they reset the ankle. They told me I cannot put any weight on it for at least 8 weeks. Well long story short, I had to stay in the hospital 5 days because I had complications from the surgery with breathing and my heart rate and I caught pneumonia, so they had to continue monitoring me.

The one thing I did get to leave with:
A Brand New Walker
Pretty snazzy, huh?! I will be using this old girl for the next 3 months (or more) and laying low for a while. I will be missing a few weeks of work but hope to get back soon!
I have never broken a bone before. Have you? Any tips or tricks?