We’re Going To Nashville

Today Michael and I are boarding a plane, renting a car, and staying at our (one) friend's house in Nashville. While we do plan on attending the biggest fireworks celebration in the NATION (!!) our main goal is to find a place to live.
Finding a place to live when you have basically no idea what you're doing is proving very time consuming and difficult. I sent some homes for rent and asked our friend to check into them. She said three were near gang activity. The problem is Michael wants to live somewhere very cheap. While I like inexpensive, it needs to be safe and somewhat liveable.

It hit me last night that we are moving in one month from yesterday. Sometimes it just doesn't seem real. Sometimes it makes me kinda sad. Sometimes I get really freaking excited. It's safe to say I'm in a glass case of emotion. Or maybe I just have Anchorman on in the background while I was packing last night.

This will be the first time Michael has even stepped foot in the city, so I'm eager to see what he thinks of a place we essentially just pointed to on a map and said, yeah, that one. What if he hates it? What if I hate it? I've only been there twice, both times for work and both times for a quick 3 day conference. I did manage to sneak out one day and walk around the Parthenon replica.

Regardless, cross your fingers we find a place to live! And that someone wants to rent our house. And that the dogs love it. And that we find one million dollars on the street. A girl can dream, right?

I might not have it all figured out, but I think I'm lost in the right direction. 

 Print (and hand drawn notebook!) are from the talented Amber Thomas Makes

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I've been thinking of you! I hope you had some success in the search and I just KNOW that you'll both love it there. How can you not?!

I hope you fins a lovely home. So cool that Michael has never set foot in the city but is down to move there. You guys rock seriously!

hope you found a place to live! i can't imagine how stressful it is trying to find somewhere cheap and safe when you don't know the location. but i'm sure you'll find something fabulous. one month – how exciting!

I hope everything goes well and you find a good place to live. Good luck!

Hoping you get lots accomplished on your trip. I am selfishly excited for you to move there because I want to visit and I know you'll find all the good spots almost immediately!!!

How exciting and scary at the same time

Ah one month to go! Can't wait to hear about you pre-move trip! Good luck house hunting 🙂

That's so cool, good luck! I've always wanted to visit Nashville.

Talia // Floral Anchors xx

Omg- I meant to check back here sooner and didn't! I am so happy that you DID choose Nashville as your new home! You will love it! I'm gonna shoot you an email just in case I can give any recommendations for anything, I've also lived in a few different neighborhoods at this point, so who knows? Maybe I can help. Also- super excited to meet you at some point, when we're neighbors!

Fingers crossed that you find the perfect place AND that our fireworks don't get rained out. Maybe I'll see you there 😉 (I won't, there's like a million people that go.)

♥ perfectly Priya

Good luck! I've loved visiting Nashville and have quite a few friends who are loving living there!

Ok this is sort of (lamely) the same, but we live an hour away from Jason's work. We've talked about how one day we'll have kids and I'll be at home with them and he doesn't really want to be driving two hours to and fro every day so we should move at some point. The moment he told me I burst into tears because I'm mature. I know I'll make new friends in a new place (that would be like 30-45 minutes from where we currently live), but just the thought (that has NO action with it) sort of terrifies me because it's a change. 🙂

You're like all those feelings times 5168465213 and you seem so composed! 🙂 I know ya'll will love it because ya'll love each other and somehow that makes everything a bajillion times more fun.

P.S. you're awesome for sharing the picture here too. thank you!

I think you'll love Nashville! I live just outside of Knoxville, but I always have so much fun when I'm in Nashville. I actually just got back today from chaperoning a school trip there, and I'm heading back for my own fun tomorrow. 🙂

Good luck!! You'll be great – and have the best time!! What's not to love?! Safe >>>> cheapness. That's for you, Michael.

Good luck house hunting, and enjoy Nashville!!

OMG that's a huge news. Good luck guys! I hope you find a wonderful place.

My husband loves Nashville, he's never lived there but has visited. Good luck finding a place, I know y'all will find the perfect home for your family!

Good luck finding a place, and I hope during the process you get a sneak peek of the many things that makes Nashville so great. Enjoy those fireworks!

Good luck this weekend. Hopefully you find something both inexpensive & safe! Moving to another state is scary but super exciting!!!

If I ever move away from New York I'll have to pick your brain for relocating tips!

Good luck again 🙂

Have a blast in Nashville!

Excited to go on this journey with y'all (ish)! Good luck finding a place to live this weekend! Somewhat related, it never fails, I always end up moving in the hot Texas summertime, and it appears y'all will be doing the same…

I do what I want.

Yeah, cheap doesn't fly when your safety is at stake! He should consider the same for Dallas; he knows how much more it costs to live in a neighborhood he would like compared to the neighborhoods that scare the crap out of you… prices in Nashville might not be the same, but the same should work on that kind of scale. We wanted "cheap" when we moved to CA, too, and after paying $700 for a two bedroom townhome for the past three years in Virginia we just couldn't imagine that a $1800/month apartment wouldn't be nice. Well, haha, we got out as soon as our lease would let us; it was time to move up to a $2100 one, which was so much better. I hope you guys can find a middle ground! Safety, and a nice, fun place to live, are totally worth it financially.

I hope you guys have a really nice trip, and I hope you find "the one!" I also hope he likes it; I totally get that feeling of "are we sure we want to do this?" The mix of lots of excitement and anxiety. You can do this! It will be amazing!

I hope you have the best time while you're here, and I hope you find a place too! I have a friend who rents a house really cheap in Woodbine. While it's not necessarily the safest area, they haven't had any problems at all. It's becoming gentrified and is supposed to be the next area to develop and become "happening" in Nashville. All the young people like us are moving there! What area of town does your friend live in?

Have a wonderful time on this fourth of July weekend! I hope you find a million dollars on the street but only if you give half to me;) Happy house hunting!

Good luck friend! 🙂

I reeeeally hope you find a million dollars on the ground (or anywhere, I suppose). I have no doubt that you will love Nashville and you'll settle in quickly! I'm going there in a month and can't wait!

I hope you find a great place to rent that isn't too expensive but is also safe! Loved your Anchorman reference, by the way. 🙂

Aww good luck with everything, Helene!

I definitely agree with you. Saving money is important, but safety is more important. At the end of the day, an extra $50-100 in rent is worth feeling safe where you're living. Can't wait to read about the trip! Have fun and enjoy the process…apartment hunting is my fave 🙂

Wishing you so much luck in finding a place to live. I bet you both fall in love with the city. Enjoy your trip.

Hi Helene! So I found your blog via one of your Dallas posts. I'm interning in Dallas this summer, but I live just south of Nashville! It is an amazing place, you just have to know where to go. Our fireworks show is amazing! If you're going to watch from Broadway, you'll get a better spot if you get there early. It's hard to see from the back because the AT&T building blocks the finale.

Nightlife is great, and there are plenty of things to do downtown and in the greater Nashville area! If you love Dallas, Nashville won't disappoint. I don't know of a place to live off the top of my head, but James over at http://bleubirdblog.com might be able to point you in the right direction. Brentwood and Downtown Franklin are fantastic areas, but I'm not sure on affordability. The Gulch & West End are up and coming areas as well.

Notable places to eat in Nashville include the Bluebird Cafe (open mic nights), The Pharmacy (burgers), Frothy Monkey (my favorite coffee shop at all time), Pinewood Social (never been, but I heard it's a fun time), Jeni's (ice cream), and Mike's Ice Cream on Broadway. For music, the Cannery Ballroom and Mercy Lounge always have something going on.

Best of luck with your move!

Have THE best time scoping out your new place of residence!!!

I completely understand why you are nervous but I think it will be an amazing learning and growing experience for the two of you no matter what. I say safety is the most important when looking for a place to live (especially since you work from home and will be home so so often). I used to live in a big skyscraper downtown (my first apartment), it was across the street from a drug rehab center and homeless shelter and while I am all for helping the homeless and drug addicts getting their lives together it really cultivated a sketchy and crime ridden neighborhood. It wasn't even cheap! Ever since then safety has been my number one concern! I need to feel safe walking around my own neighborhood in the day time for gods sake! Have a wonderful weekend girl, praying & wishing for you to find that million dollar bill on the sidewalk (;

Good luck! Have so much fun. You're going to love Nashville! I miss it terribly.

Oh fun! I'll be there this weekend too staying downtown! Maybe we'll run into another

So exciting! Nashville is amazing!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

So exciting! We're trying to move about 50 miles west and have the same questions you do! Can't imagine moving states! Good luck!

Have a blast in Nashville! If you can, try Etch! It's delicious!

Her Heartland Soul

Exciting/scary times ahead! But at the end of the day you will have Michael there with you through it all 🙂 Good luck on finding a place and I truly hope he loves it there!

Gahhhh I am just so damn excited to hear how it all goes!!!!! I'm on pins and needles!! You realize when you first step foot in Tennessee, they require you to put on a Tennessee Vols tshirt. It's mandatory, just thought you should know so you don't go to jail or get in trouble or anything.

So excited for your big move! It's something I want to do at some point.. try out a new place even if we end up coming back!

My April 2016 event is in Nashville so I'll be there for a week in the spring! Such a great city! Definitely check out The Big Bang.. it's like every other dueling piano bar but WAY better. So entertaining!

Have a wonderful time, good luck house hunting! Safety is important, I agree with you. Can we contact House Hunters: Renter's Edition? 😀

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