Yesterday, I posted 30 different blogging prompts for the winter. Today, I sat in my chair, wondering what to post about. Then I realized I should probably listen to myself and actually take one of my own prompts.

I've never done a Q&A blog before, so today is the day. If there is any question, ever that you wondered about me, ask away! I'm planning on turning this into a vlog… but we'll see if that actually happens.

Appropriate questions:

Would you rather eat tofu for the rest of your life or pina coladas? (I'd probably tell you that's too easy, pinas.)
What's your least favorite dance move?
Why are you so pale?
Do you know how to speak Spanish?
Is Butter a carb?
When do you blog?
What are your thoughts on the theory of relativity?
Should I go out tonight?
Where is the best place for crawfish in Dallas?
Why does Michael have a beard?
What are you afraid of?
Can you tap dance?

So as you can see… please ask me anything.

P.S. If you're here for stuff about TOMORROWLAND, go here 🙂