I always love getting to know my fellow bloggers better. What better way to do it than with a little post on the things that make me happy. 

1. Diet Coke from McDonald's or Sonic (with Vanilla!).
2. Electronic music. Currently listening to: “No Money” by Galantis.
3.  Dogs. All of them. Especially the #sulakids.
4. Beaches.
5. Painting my nails. Obsessed with this at home gel kit. (I'm also really cheap.)
6. Chips and Queso. Is there really anything better? My favorite place is here.  
7. Harry Potter books… I am on book 5 and reading them for the first time!
8. A well organized planner.
9. Girlfriends.
10. Blue Bell Ice Cream.
11. Forever 21. I'm sorry… it's so cheap tho.
12. Tomorrowland. This is a music festival that takes place every year in Belgium (I've been three times). While everyone is obsessing over Coachella, I'm still all about Tomorrowland. 
13. Dancing. Any kind.
14. Snapchat. It's quickly becoming my favorite social media tool. (Read: How to promote your blog using Snapchat + Snap hacks to try) my username is: Helenesula
15. Movie theater popcorn. 
16. In addition to popcorn… I love going to movies by myself. I have a tradition of taking myself to any new Zac Efron movie by myself. Also, Zac Efron. 
17. Leggings. Watch me wear this as pants. 
18. Packages in the mail. 
19. A perfectly made chai tea latte. 
20. When you're writing a blog post and the words are just flowing. 
21. Bath and Body Works candle and a rainy day.  
22. Remembering a dream.
23. Yellow nail polish. Or white…
24. Buying flowers for no reason.
25. Ariana Grande's perfume. I'm sorry but it smells so good. 
26. A pair of white converse.
27. When the best songs on at the right time in the car and you are just FEELING it. 
28. Glowsticks. 
29. When someone says my blog post made an impact on them.
30. Michael. It's his 29th birthday today! Even though he is in a sling and has to be cooped up for at least 3 months and not get to do the things he loves (rock climbing, biking, etc) he is still the sweetest, and most kind-hearted person I've ever met.

*fave pic of him ever, on our wedding day

It's day 5 of the #7in7Challenge! Missed a day? Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and yesterday was Day 4! Simply hashtag your instagram pic with #7in7Challenge. Today's #7in7Challenge prompt is:

And today's prize? My favorite things! I'll be sending you a package of some of my favorites. Including: candle, lipstick, favorite hand cream, mascara, and more!!

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