The more I get into blogging, the more I realize why I got into it. Blogging is the best, in my opinion. And there really is no substitute for it. Except for maybe… a music festival.

Now if you know me, you know I love music festivals. In particular, those of the electronic variety. There is a certain feeling you get when you go to a music festival that you can't quite put your finger on it. And you know, I feel the same way about blogging. 

Why Blogging is Just Like Going to A Music Festival

So, here's why blogging is just like going to a music festival:

1. You always make sure to see your favorite acts // you always make sure to read your favorite bloggers
No matter what, if you have a favorite DJ or blogger, you'll make your way to see or read them. They've made an impact on you and you MUST read what they wrote.

2. You go with your tribe // you create your blogging community
One of the best ways to grow your blog? Build a community. At a music festival, it's just not as fun alone. Creating and growing a community online is essential for your blog and the same can be said of a music festival. You want to enjoy it with others.

3. You'll meet someone new // You'll meet someone new… online
Because it's an opening, welcoming environment, you're sure to meet someone new and connect with them almost instantly. You share a bond you didn't know you could find. 

4. You want to express yourself creatively // You want to write and create creative things
Creativity is what brings music festival goers together.  This is also true of bloggers. We each use creativity to show off our personality and passion.

5. You feel like you're yourself // You're able to show off your uniqueness
Both music festivals and blogs allow you to be 100% yourself. Whether that's wearing what you want, dancing in a circle, or just writing how you truly feel.

6. People come from all over the world // People read you from all over the world
That's pretty incredible if you ask me! 

7. You can't go to the same festival twice // You can't read the same blog twice
Each experience and blogger is different, so you'll get a different view each time you attend and from blogger and blogger. 

8. People will try to ruin your fun // There is some negativity
Sure, there are negative aspects to all things in life. But the best way to get past it is to rely on your community and listen to the music… errr blog. 

9. You will discover a new act // You will discover a new blog
Blogging and music festivals allow you to explore new parts of life you never thought possible before.

10. It will consume your time and be totally worth it // It will consume your time and be totally worth it
Enough said.

It's true, y'all. Blogging and music festivals are pretty much the best thing… ever. Do you agree?

And now, for Day 3 of #7in7Challenge on Instagram. I'm doing an Instagram challenge that lasts just 7 days with prizes every day!
Today's prompt:

 This can be your schedule, what you're drinking (coffee, tea, wine…), anything!
Today's prize: a Forever 21 Gift Card! (So you can get your festival fashion on). If you win… buy me this please?

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